Beautiful People – Author Writing Process

Lately I have been posting a lot of blog posts regarding my current writing project and Camp NaNoWriMo, so if you’re not interested in those types of posts unfollow me now.

(Please don’t I love you guys!) and I might be a bit desperate for friends, but aren’t we all

I was reading a post by the queen of blogging herself Paper Fury about this meme that she has (that I’ve never even heard of before! Apparently I’ve been living under a rock) and it sounded right up my alley so I decided that I’d do it myself.

And if Cait actually reads this post I will die. I’m not even joking Read More

Writing Prophecies: An Introduction to a Little Idea of Mine

Hello lovely people! If you’re a frequent reader on my blog and you’ve read my post simply titled ‘Changes‘ then you would know that I’ve decided to put out more original posts for y’all. One idea of mine you guys seemed to like a lot is posts about writing. Loads of us aspire to be novelists in the future – me included – and I don’t know about you but when a blog I follow puts out posts about writing I squeal with joy because I love reading them! Read More