18 Things I’ve Learned During My 18 Years // happy birthday to me + 1,000 follower Q&A!

If you didn’t already know, today is a big day. Why? Because it’s my 18th birthday!! I also share a birthday with America so *yay*. I thought, to celebrate this big milestone into adulthood, that I would write a post of 18 things I’ve learned during my 18 years on this earth. I’ve seen some other bloggers doing this and I thought that it would be a great thing to do for when I turn 18 so here I am 😀  Read More

My Favorite K-Pop Music Videos // y’all better not be bored of these posts cause this was my favorite to write

One of my favorite parts of K-Pop would have to be the music videos. Whether it be the complex ones that fans have millions of theories for or just wonderful choreography or visuals or a mix of all of the above, I always love them. There’s something about K-Pop music videos that always reels me in and has me coming back for more. Read More

My Favorite Korean Rappers // they’re basically all babies that sound like they could be drug lords

My post roughly a week ago on my favorite Korean singers seemed to do surprisingly well (honestly, i thought it’d flop) and I promised to do a rapper version, so here it is! I won’t sugar coat this – I had absolutely no interest in rap and the R&B or Hip Hop genre at all but then I noticed the rapping in some of the BTS songs I was listening to and was drawn in. Read More