A Little Update // this isn’t a comeback but i am still alive!

Okay wow… first off sorry my blog might look a little weird. Since I stopped blogging I didn’t feel a need to keep paying for my blog so here’s the free option WordPress gives you, I guess lol. Anyways, I hope it’s not too bothersome and if so you can always read in the Reader and it should look okay.

First off, WordPress must have updated while I was gone so I’m not exactly sure how this post will visually look… just a warning.

Secondly, in my last post I gave y’all a wrap up of my December and what’ll be happening in the future. This post will be an update so y’all can see if I actually accomplished anything during this time off haha!

Library Volunteering – This DID happen! I volunteered for about 2/3 months and I’m still volunteering but I am currently on a little vacation so it’s on hold. I mostly just cut up paper and help prepare crafts that kids will be doing when they visit the library so it’s not hard work but I seem to be a good help so that’s what matters and they’re open to having me stay as a volunteer as long as I want to.

Graduate From High School – This happened as well! I am OFFICIALLY a high school graduate and it feels so… strange? I’ve been in school ever since I was like five years old and now for the first time in 13 years… I’m not. I won’t lie – it has been good to take a break – but honestly I’m bored when I don’t have something to do.

Study For SATs/AP Exams – This is what I’ve been doing since I graduated a month ago. I have my AP Exams on the 15th and 16th and then my SATs on June 1st. I really just want to get them over with I hate waiting. I do need this time to prepare but I HATE waiting!

Get a Job – Lol this didn’t happen. But for good reason, since I haven’t been home. When I’m in a comfortable place in college I want to get a part-time job. I like being busy so this will be good for me.

More Kpop Comebacks – HAHA of course this happened! I won’t bore y’all with this but a LOT has happened in Kpop so far in 2019. Maybe I’ll make a post for it sometime but basically it’s been as crazy as ever.

More things that have been happening…

Well ever since the May 25th I’ve been in Hawaii! Four more days and I’ve been in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for a month. There’s still a LOT I haven’t done but it’s been nice. Hawaii is such a beautiful place with such a rich culture. Hawaiians are super nice and laid back and the food is AMAZING. Make sure you’re following my Instagram @/withlovesavannah if you want to follow my adventures.

Started writing again! This is a very recent development but about two weeks ago I finally scrapped about half of my book “We’re All Beautiful” and last week I continued a Fantasy book I began writing a few years back and recruited beta readers to give me feedback every few chapters I write. It’s motivated me a lot.

That’s pretty much all. Life is good right now. Everything is calm because things are about to be crazy in the near future. The rest of this year is going to have a lot of huge developments and it’s honestly super scary but I’m an optimist so I’m excited and can’t wait to grow as a person!

Now tell me – what have YOU been doing? Let me know!


9 thoughts on “A Little Update // this isn’t a comeback but i am still alive!

    1. Thanks 🙂 It is pretty fun! Yeah it’s hard to keep up with and I’m barely doing it myself but there’s been some great releases and debuts this year.


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