What It’s Like To Be A Blogger // from starting out to becoming a living blogging dinosaur + how it changes your content & perspective

I’m a blogging dinosaur.

if this isn’t the cutest dino you’ve ever seen you’re lying


In real life, I’m not considered ‘old’ but in the blogging world, I’ve been around for roughly 3 years. That’s a long time. I’ve been blogging ever since I started high school and now I’m about to graduate and take this thing into college with me.

As I blog more and more, I become aware of things that have happened to me since I started this blog. I discovered a lot about myself looking back at my blog posts from even just a few months ago. We as people are ever-evolving yet life is so fast-paced that we usually don’t notice the small changes unless they’re documented in the form of a blog, journal, etc.

For example, when I first started blogging, literally all I talked about was books. I did this in a way that didn’t unveil much about me as a person. But, as time went on, I started to get bored of that. I felt a disconnect between my audience. I felt like there was a huge gap so I started showing different sides to myself and branching out in order to give you an insight on the different sides of me.

Now when I blog, I blog in order to introduce something new about me. Whether it be a new idea, something I’ve been enjoying recently, or something I don’t like, I tend to lean towards talking about the way I feel towards certain topics. Even with my book reviews, I used to talk about the events in a book, but now I talk more about what I took from the book, how it relates to my personal experiences, and whether I thought the writing was good or not according to my own expectations.

This is also primarily why I don’t do weekly features or memes. With those types of posts I’m restrained and I’m not able to veer off course (and we all know how much i veer off course). I blog to have fun and show my opinions. I also want to talk about issues I’m not confident enough to talk about in real life. I still haven’t explored this aspect of blogging as much because I’m not informed enough on a lot of topics where I feel comfortable enough to spread my opinions and my personality just isn’t reflective of that.

Lately I’ve been writing posts just to show off my love for K-Pop because that’s just something I love sharing with people that a) like it as well and b) those that have absolutely no insight on the topic. I took a risk when I started writing these posts. There are a lot of people out there that either hate K-Pop or have absolutely no idea what it is. I risked losing a large portion of my audience, and honestly? I was okay with that. I really was.

I guess the more time goes on, the less I care about having a lot of followers and a crazy amount of blog traffic. It’s something I used to hate to admit caring about, but I obsessed over it. Now, if I notice that I only got 10 or so new followers in a month, I just shrug. Maybe this has to do with having over 1,000 followers. Like, I reached such a big milestone that everything from now on can’t compare to that accomplishment. I don’t know, but anyways, the amount of people you have following your blog really doesn’t matter. Even if I have over 1,000 followers, I absolutely don’t have 1,000 people reading my posts. If anything, I sometimes barely reach 30 likes on a post.

That’s totally okay! That’s kind of how the blogging world works. There are loads of people that follow blogs just to follow them, there are trolls, and sometimes followers just aren’t interested in reading the posts you put out. That’s okay, too! It took me a long time to realize that I didn’t have to adapt my posts in order to conform for the demands a large audience brings. If people are truly following your blog for you then it won’t matter what you write about. I’ve been lucky enough to have a selection of people that have read my posts and stayed with me throughout my many challenges with finding my blogging voice.

note: i still haven’t found my blogging voice and it’s very possible that i never will but that’s totally okay

The most important aspect of blogging is growth. I’ve evolved as a person and a writer since I started my blog. I’m proud of where I am now and I’m excited for what the future might bring. I have a lot of ideas for things I want to explore in the future. I want to maybe self-host one day (but honestly i have no idea how to do that i’m scared), provide beta-reading services, and more. The changes will be slow (because i procrastinate where change is concerned) but they’ll happen. I’ll constantly be evolving. I won’t be the same person (or blogger) tomorrow as I was yesterday.



I’m honestly not quite sure what the goal of this post was, but maybe new (and old) bloggers alike will get a sense of mutual comfort from this. Y’all also seem to love my posts that you can relate to so yeah 🙂

Would you consider yourself a blogging dinosaur? How has your blogging changed since you started? Did you face any of the same dilemmas as I did? Let me know! 

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26 thoughts on “What It’s Like To Be A Blogger // from starting out to becoming a living blogging dinosaur + how it changes your content & perspective

  1. Beautifully written! I think we both started out around the same time and it’s amazing to see how much you’ve grown as a person and as a writer! Very proud of you Savannah!

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  2. Congratulations on three years 🙂 that definitely is a feat. So many blogs are defunct after the first few weeks of going live.

    I’m a blogging dinosaur, too. I launched my blog back in January 2011, shortly after I graduated college. I’ve definitely not been as diligent at posting as frequently as other bloggers, but it’s still my home on the web. And, I actually took a year long hiatus last year (because life and such). I felt empty without it though— it really has grown to be my creative outlet over the years— so I threw myself back into it recently. I love it.

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    1. Oh wow you’ve been around for a while! *applause* It’s always nice to take a break, even if it’s because your life became busy. It’s refreshing to start again and it makes you realize how much blogging means to you.


  3. If you’re a blogging dinosaur, what does that make me? 😂 (the current iteration of my blog goes back to 2010, though it was mostly dormant in 2013). But seriously, it’s good to reflect on how much can change in such a small amount of time. It’s easy to just carry on blogging however you like, without thinking about why you might have (or should have) made a change.

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  4. I love this post so much, Savannah, and it’s one I definitely relate to! When I first started (almost 4 years ago!!!), I burnt myself out ridiculously quickly because I had this urge to post every single day. And because I was putting out SO much content, I had to rely on memes and tags, but that isn’t who I am. I enjoy really talking about books – digging deep, offering recommendations when I want to and not because of some tag question, and having discussions about the community, blogging, books and sometimes even other stuff.

    Now that I’ve put myself in a good place where I post once a week and something substantial rather than just a meme, I’m starting to enjoy the process more. I still care about followers; I don’t think my Slytherin-ass will ever NOT care about followers, but I put a lot less pressure on myself to keep up than I did before. 🙂 Lovely post, again and one that allowed me to think about my own blogging journey too.

    ~ Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks

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    1. I’m happy you’re feeling a lot better about blogging since you cut down. I remember you taking a break and I was scared you’d never come back haha. Honestly, I don’t even read blogs that much so having 1-2 posts per blog a week is the perfect quantity. More than that can become overwhelming for the reader and blogger. Thank you so much for reading ❤


  5. Totally agree! My stats are half what they were same time last year, and I have supposedly thousands of followers or at least over 1600 followers but like you I’m getting like 30ish likes too. Clearly there is a disconnect somewhere. Lots of spam bots lol. I’m so happy to interact with the people that actually do read my posts. I feel like our community is the best part about blogging. Great post!

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    1. Yeah there are loads of spam bots :/ But hey, at least it brings more views and followers to the blog haha. Community is definitely the best part of blogging 🙂

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  6. I started blogging last year. I wrote few blogs when I started and after 2-3 months I couldn’t do anything. I got introduced to blogging through amino apps but I wanted to share everything that I was interested in on one platform so I got here. Now, I started writing more about different things I am interested in currently. I want to talk about something and I do. I don’t think of how many people are going to read. Earlier I used to get concious of my blogs and delete them, I still do if it doesn’t have much written or anything but now mostly I am happy with what I have written and I don’t feel any need to delete anything.

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    1. That’s great that even though you’ve been blogging for only shy of a year, you’re already getting more confident and happy with the things you write! It took me so long to get to that point.

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  7. This is such a wonderful post, I love it so, so, so much ❤ I also feel like a blogging dinosaur, growing very close to 4 years of blogging now and… I feel like I've learned so much from this adventure, about books, obviously, about publishing, about writers, about wordpress and technical details and such, but most importantly, about myself, too. I love that and I love seeing how we all manage to grow, ourselves, on our own blogs with time and how, despite everything, we still continue on blogging and on growin, sharing our changing opinions on these little platforms. I also agree that interaction matters the most to me – I know that stats are more often than not in a corner of my mind, because well, numbers, ugh, but still, interaction makes me happier than ever and I'm thrilled and honored to have make so many friends thanks to blogging. In the end, that's what makes me the happiest and what matters the most.
    Wow, sorry for rambling haha that was a great post!! ❤

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    1. It means a lot (coming from you especially ily ❤ ) that you loved this post so much! Don't worry, I like rambling haha. Oh yes! I've definitely learned a lot about WordPress/what it takes to run a blog from the backend and all of that technical stuff as well which I'm SO thankful for. Making friends through blogging is my favorite part too – I feel more connected to a lot of people I met through my blog and other's blogs than friends I've had irl. It's truly magical and I wouldn't trade it for anything 😀

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post 😀 I bet you can make it!! It’s a struggle but it’ll happen if you keep persevering. That’s great! I started to enjoy writing posts more when I branched out of my review shell.


  8. I completely agree with you–I value how much I interact with other bloggers (through comments, social media, etc.) way more than the number of followers I have. It’s so arbitrary! Thanks for a great post! 🙂

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