K-Pop July Comeback Review #2 // holland, mamamoo, apink & triple h

I know, it’s September but 1) i was super lazy to listen to all of the July comebacks in… well…. July and 2) there were sooo many! I would have done them all in one post if I could but that would have been the length of a book.

A lot of people actually read my last post which I was really happy about, so I’m here again with more 🙂 There will be a part 3 to finish the July comebacks off and then I might do August?? I’m not quite sure yet.


Holland –


so far he only has the following three singles so i’ll be listening and reviewing them

Neverland – He has a unique voice but I don’t know if I like it… his voice sounds kind of uneven when he sings? I’m not a vocalist or anything so I’m probably wrong but it’s just not to my preference, I guess. The song itself doesn’t keep my interest :/ 2/5

I’m Not Afraid – This song has a nice sound to it. I like how its more upbeat, which fits with what I think the song’s about (not being afraid to show who you are). There’s a part where he sings “I, I, I” and I couldn’t help but think of “My, My, My” by Troye Sivan haha! 3.5

I’m So Afraid – I know these two songs must link together but I don’t know in what order they should be listened to. This one probably first to show that he was afraid and this to show that he isn’t now. Unfortunately it sounds too dubstep-y for me 😦 2/5

Overall – I will support Holland because he is currently the only openly gay kpop idol and I see potential, but his music itself just isn’t for me. 2.5 Stars.

Mamamoo –


Midnight Summer Dream – I’ve only ever listened to one or two of their songs but their vocals are really nice and stable. They sound strong and like their voice won’t crack – something I’m sometimes afraid will happen with other girl groups. Omg one of the vocalists reminds me of Hyolyn from Sistar! I do like this song. It’s interesting to listen to and there are great vocals (and a rap bit). 4/5

Rainy Season – I should add this song too my chill playlist. Oh and who’s the rapper? She has a surprisingly deep voice and I actually love it! 4/5

Egotistic* – I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a lot of people talk about this song. It kinda has a Latin feel – I guess that’s a trend in kpop now? It’s mainly towards the chorus and not the rest of the song. 3/5

Sleep in the Car – Oh wow this surprised me o.O I wasn’t expecting such an R&B song. I’m digging it. Really, I don’t know why girl groups don’t have much rapping in their songs, when they have good rappers in the group (ie: Twice). 4.5/5

Sky! Sky! – Why do I get old kdrama ost vibes from this? This legit reminds me of that song from Boys Over Flowers (not always paradise, the other one). Please tell me I’m not alone! 3/5

Selfish – This has Seulgi from Red Velvet. I like it! I get the feel of songs where there’s a guy rapper with a deep voice and then a girl with a light and airy voice – you know what I mean? I’m so bad at explaining haha. 4/5

Overall – I enjoyed every song! Now I know why people hype them like they do. They’re still not that popular though, as in I don’t see much about them. Their rapper is awesome too! 3.8 Stars. oh wow they got a higher score than seventeen last time and they’re one of my favorite groups

Apink –


I’m So Sick* – I haven’t listened to any Apink before so I can’t judge based on their past work. This does have a nice vibe but… I feel like it’s too similar to other stuff I’ve heard? There are parts of the song that I really like and find unique (for example, i loved the intro). 3/5

Promise Me – I like this sound of this song. I might actually like it more than the title song? 3.5/5

A L R I G H T – I don’t know why this title is all capitalized and spaced but the song itself is cute and fun and I liked listening to it. 4/5

Forever Star – This has a very chill vibe. I could see myself reading or journaling to this. 3.5/5

I Like That Kiss – I like this song a lot! Its fun but interesting and keeps my attention. should be the title song It just has this sound to it that I love. It’s girly but has a slightly mature sound to it as well. 4.5/5
i knew from when i heard it that it reminded me of something and now i know! it gives me shinee vibes which is a good thing because i adore shinee

Overall – What are Apink fans called? 3.7 Stars.

Triple H –


Before i start i want to say that Korean fans are terrible because they’re making a big deal out of Hyuna and E’dawn being together so much so that E’dawn isn’t even participating in Pentagon‘s comeback. They’re in love. Deal with it. Anyways, they’re an adorable couple and I’m happy they decided to make their relationship public.

Feel – Really interesting from the very beginning. I’ve already listened to ‘Retro Future’ and didn’t like it *that* much but this song I like more. This song is really good haha I can see myself listening to it a lot. 4/5

Retro Future* – Okay, listening to this for the second time! This song gives me big disco vibes which is my issue. I also get Prince vibes which is the good side of the song. I like some parts, but it’s just… not something I would listen to if I could choose. 2.5/5

Show Me – Not that interesting to listen to? Not that I don’t like it… it’s just the beat sounds kind of recycled from the last two songs? Not quite the beat but the bass, I think. It’s overused for my taste. 3/5

Retro Future (Instrumental) – This literally sounds like music from one of those old space games you’d play in an arcade or on those old gaming consoles lol! I guess it’s just their concept. I like it more without the singing? Hyuna, Hui, and E’Dawn are great but idk… this particular song I prefer as an instrumental. 3.5/5

Overall – I do love all three of their voices and this concept is cool and refreshing… but it wasn’t for me, sound-wise. 3.3 Stars.


I hope that y’all enjoyed this post! Let me know of anything you would like for me to listen to and review and I’ll try and do it 🙂 Next time we should have some boy groups who’s music I haven’t listened to yet so that should be fun!

Are you a fan of any of these artists? Do you have a favorite song from these comebacks? Any recent songs you’re in love with? Let me know!

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