K-Pop July Comeback Reviews #1 // seventeen, jeong sewoon, twice & astro

I am so psyched to write up this post. This is going to be a new feature on my blog where I write reviews for K-Pop comebacks, which can be anything from a title track to an entire album! 

If you end up liking this post and want to see more K-Pop reviews (even for older albums/artists) just let me know! This particular post will be on some comebacks for the month of July. There were so many comebacks this month it’s insane

If I missed any of your favorites, let me know and I will check them out and probably write a separate review post 🙂

quick note: these are all my thoughts i had while i listened/right after i listened to the songs. my thoughts could change after listening to the songs more


Seventeen – You Make My Day


Oh My!* – Fun, makes me happy when I listen to it. Makes me want to dance along. 4.5/5

Holiday – Has a nice beat. Is fast one second but then slows down. I think it’s going to get faster but it stays chill. Has a tropical, slightly latin feel. 3/5

What’s Good – Catchy but I don’t know how I feel about it. Generic – nothing stood out to me. But loved the rapping/hip hop vibe. 3.5/5
quick note: i listened to this song a few more times and fell in love with it, which is why it’s now 3.5 stars

Moonwalker – It’s hard to describe but it has a nice vibe that I like. It gets a bit slow but in a good way without sacrificing the hype of the song. I really want a dance for this! I want Dino to choreograph a Michael Jackson-esque dance for this song. 4/5

Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day – I actually really love this song! From the beginning I had a feeling I’d love it. I feel like the rapline was able to show off more here than in ‘what’s good’. 4/5

Come To Me – Is this the vocal line song? I don’t love the beat really it’s nothing interesting to listen to, but the vocals are on-point. 2.5/5

Overall – A good album but I would probably only choose to listen to a few of the songs. Oh My! is great though – and I am in love with the choreography and music video. It makes up for the rest of the album. 3.75 Stars.

Jeong Sewoon – Another


20 Something* – Doesn’t disappoint as a title song. His vocals show off and he has his classic chill instrumental vibe that makes me smile. Since I don’t know what he’s saying, I guess that he’s singing about growing up and maturing cause he’s now ’20 something’. 4/5

Waterfall – From the beginning this song hooked me and I had the feeling it was going to be more upbeat. I’m so happy I was right. I got hyped by listening to this. 4/5

Eye 2 Eye – I feel like this is a song I would hear played in a coffee shop with people clapping along at like a campfire or something. It just gives me that kind of vibe. 3.5/5

La La – Sounds a bit like previous song at some parts. But fun to listen to! 3/5

Shadows – I really liked this song, there was some rapping (by sewoon or someone else, i’m not sure) which added an exhilarating aspect that the song needed. 4/5

Overall – A good album but I didn’t quite love it as much as his first two mini albums. I’d still listen to them when I’m reading or doing something relaxing like I do with his other songs. 4 Stars.

Astro –


Always You* – From the beginning of the song, it felt different than Astro‘s usual, but still them. When the chorus came, I got disappointed, to be honest. I thought it was going to be more epic than it was. Good points of the song were Jinjin’s rapping, Rocky’s singing (who said rappers can’t sing?), and the overall cleanness of their vocals. I believe this was a song to the fans so I liked that. I liked the music video and choreography more than the actual song. 3/5

Call Out – From the start this song grabbed my attention. Rapping is on-point. It’s a nice song to listen to if you want to just put on something while you’re doing something else. It’s upbeat but also kinda chill still. Too much EDM festival vibes for my taste, though. 3/5

By Your Side – This is more of a slow song. I don’t have much to say about this one – the vocals are a main focal point which I like more than the EDM from the previous song. 3/5

Stay With Me – I actually got goosebumps listening to this song haha. It might’ve been due to my room being a bit cold but I really liked the chillness and vocals of this song. 3.5/5

Real Love – This is also a slow song. It has a nice feel to it that I like. It kinda reminds me of some of Monsta X‘s slow songs which is a good thing. But I’m not sure if it worked out as well for them? 3.5/5

Overall – A good album. Not my favorite from them, as I’ve seen them do better (ie: crazy, sexy, cool) but it had a nice chill vibe to it. I would listen to it if I was doing something else and not paying much attention to the songs because otherwise I would get bored. 3 Stars.

Twice – Summer Nights


Dance The Night Away* – This… sounds very juvenile. I don’t understand why this is the title song and not ‘What is Love?’ it doesn’t really make sense because this is honestly mediocre. I mean, maybe a 10 year old will like it? 2/5

CHILLAX – The beginning is giving me hope. I like it more than the previous song. I’m not sure if I like it that much, but it’s better. It’s catchy like a lot of Twice songs are known for being, but it’s still too… happy? Ah no, the word is Juvenile. 2.5/5

SWEET TALKER – I don’t know why these titles are capitalized on apple music hahaha. There’s a nice rap bit towards the beginning that I appreciate. More rapping also appearing throughout the song to break up the chorus (which isn’t half bad). 3.5/5

What is Love? – THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE TITLE SONG. I love the music video and the dance and it’s just a great song, okay? It deserves to be the title song and I’m salty it isn’t. It’s made its way on like three of my playlists I listen to often. 4.5/5

HO! – Has an interesting vibe from the start. Omg why does this have me thinking of Elvis?? I want them in 50’s attire singing and dancing to this! I don’t understand what the ‘Ho’ is supposed to mean? It just makes me think of Santa haha. Anyways, it’s a song I really enjoy listening to. 4/5

DEJAVU – Starts with rapping yasss. Nice rapping. There is actually much more rapping than I expected which I really like and there’s also a part where there’s the main vocal going on and then a vocal in the background and they harmonize and it’s really pleasing. Something that surprised me is the EDM, but like… boy group-level EDM during what I hope is a dance break. There are a lot of great elements in this song but it still doesn’t do it for me? I’m not sure why. 3.5/5

Shot Thru the Heart – I definitely didn’t think of Bon Jovi when I read this title. There’s a part in the song where one of them sings “my heart, your heart” and I like the way she sings it but that’s really the only part of the song that stands out to me. 2.5/5

SAY YES – *I did not think of Seventeen’s song when I read this. Definitely not like I thought of Nu’est W’s song Dejavu* This song is slow. I like it… I do. It’s nice to listen to, vocally. 4/5

STUCK – *is not thinking about monsta x’s song* When the beat starts to get faster I legit thought it sounded like ‘What is Love?’ This I think ends up being the chorus and… I can’t unhear the similarity to that song which kind of bothers me. It’s not a bad song, but I don’t like when a song sounds too similar to another. 3/5

Overall – I wish JYP would let Twice try something outside of the ‘cutesy’ concept. I do like some of the songs, I guess, but I’m having a similar dilemma like I did with Astro‘s album above. I don’t mind the cutesy concept but it doesn’t work when the entire album is following that concept. 3.5 Stars.


I hope you enjoyed this post! It’s a little different than what I would usually do, but let me know if you’d like more of these (even non-kpop) and I will make sure to consider it 😀

Are you a fan of any of these artists? Do you have a favorite song from these comebacks? Any recent summer tracks you’re in love with? Let me know!

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