July Monthly Wrap-Up // my birthday & omg i’m an adult now

I feel like July was an… okay month. I mean, it was great I guess but… I don’t know. I always feel so lost whenever I’m writing these wrap ups because I can’t ever remember what happened like a week ago haha. But here I go 🙂


Books Read:

Keepers (Mentalist Series #3) by Kenechi Udogu // 4 Stars. Great finale to the series, enjoyed it the most out of all the books.

Broken Ties (Mentalist Series #3.5) by Kenechi Udogu // 4 Stars. Also really enjoyed this novella.

Wow this is a lot worse than I thought! I am currently reading two books I just wasn’t able to finish them in time because one of them is for a readalong and the other – well – I just haven’t finished it yet lol.

August TBR:

Blood Will Out is a NetGalley copy and I’m currently 25% through with it. I honestly haven’t been reading it often *cough* thanks youtube *cough but it’s been a quick read when I have picked it up.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, I’m currently reading as a part of the readalong Flavia @ Flavia the Bibliophile is hosting in prep for the upcoming movie! The book is really cute and funny so far and it’s such a quick read I have to stop myself from reading ahead.

The Benefits of Being an Octopus is a NetGalley copy and is being released in early September so I should really read it in August.

Blog Posts:

18 Things I’ve Learned During My 18 Years // happy birthday to me + 1,000 follower Q&A!

I felt like this was a personal post for me to write but I loved writing it. I also loved getting questions from y’all. You can still submit questions if you’d like, I’ll be putting the Q&A post up sometime within the next week so look out for that 🙂

Why Bloggers Burn Out // + how it affects your mentality

Literary Book Gifts // bookish merch designs review

Most Popular Post:

It comes as no surprise that the discussion post I wrote for the month ended up being the most popular. Why Bloggers Burn Out // + how it affects your mentality was a big hit and I thank you for all of the love y’all gived it ❤

The Blog:

Not much happened on the blog again. Oops. I wrote roughly the same amount of blog posts this month that I did back in June which I didn’t think was going to happen, but hey, I’ve been relatively busy so.


I did finally get rid of 98% of the gifs/images that was clogging up my media on WordPress so when I look for my dividers or images that I use to construct my posts, I won’t have to scroll far to reach them like I used to haha. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.

OH. And I want some ideas for my new blog name. Yes, I’m going to change what everyone knows me as online. It’s for my ‘rebranding’ so nothing that is specifically aimed towards books or reading. I think it will be fun if my ‘audience’ helps me out on this, and I’m going to start up my YouTube again 😀

Personal Life:

I turned 18 early July!!! I got some amazing presents from my family and friends, but by far the one that stood out the most was… tickets to see Dan & Phil’s show Interactive Introverts! If you didn’t know, I’ve been watching Dan & Phil on YouTube for over 2 years now – before I even started blogging – and they were just a big impact on me. They were able to be the friends I needed when I didn’t have any so their videos mean a lot to me and seeing them in real life was the best thing I could have ever gotten.

Besides that, I feel like I didn’t do much else in July. I visited a botanical garden and explored some pretty nature last Sunday which was fun. I’ve been uploading pictures on my Instagram so you can see them there.

I finished one of my classes for 12th Grade and am almost done with another so that’s good news. I have been stressing over college because I’m not quite sure if I want to study the same thing as before, but I know that it’ll all work out even if I change my major while I’m in college.

My friend and I’s Webtoon is still being uploaded. The contest ends in a month I think and audience engagement is a big factor when it comes to the voting so I would really appreciate if you checked it out. It’s about our dogs and it’s called ‘Ruff Days’. You can read it here.

What I Watched:

My dad decided to sit the family down and have us watch some slasher films so we ended up watching the Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Urban Legends series. I’m not a horror fan so I found these more interesting to watch. My favorite would have to be Scream and I didn’t like the other two that much. I Know What You Did Last Summer was honestly probably my least favorite.

We also watched a new Netflix movie called Extinction which surprised us all. We weren’t really sure if we would like it or not but it was really good. We also finally finished season 7 of The Walking Dead after not watching it for a while.

On my own, I just watched the third season of Monsta X‘s show, Monsta X-Ray. They have only 5-6 episodes out so far but I’ve watched the first four. I missed this show so much, it always brings a smile to my face seeing what the writers of the show make them do xD

What I Listened To:

July was the month of all of the comebacks in K-Pop. But I didn’t listen to that many of the comebacks until just last night (I will be writing a post reviewing them and a video reaction to one of the albums so look forward to that).

One comeback that I did follow was Seventeen‘s. Their song Oh My! left me breathless. The video is stunning, the choreography is amazing, and I fell in love with my bias again. It’s seriously one of my favorite K-Pop comebacks of the year! I took so many screenshots of the video because it’s just SO PRETTY.

I also made a playlist for July. I thought it would be fun to make playlists with songs I’m enjoying every month so here it is:


What’s Happening in August:

  • more kpop comebacks yayyy
  • driving school finally!
  • my sister and dad’s birthday(s)


How was your July? Did you do anything fun? Discover any new music or TV shows? Let me know!

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13 thoughts on “July Monthly Wrap-Up // my birthday & omg i’m an adult now

  1. AAAHH HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAVANNAH!! I think I missed your birthday post but I hope you had a great day!!! I’m glad you enjoyed Dan and Phil’s show. 💗💗 And ooh I have a feeling you’ll end up loving the Lara Jean series! I’m super excited for the movie (THE TRAILER IS SO CUTE). Hope you have a great August!! 💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you ❤ ❤ It was SO much fun! Lara Jean is ADORABLE so far, so I'm confident that I will 😀 I have a feeling the movie is going to be just as great

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lol the reason I stopped writing wrap up posts is because of my terrible memory so I relate to your struggle to remember how the month went! Your August tbr looks cool! I’ve only read one book you mentioned – To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – and I also thought it was a cute & quick read. My July was pretty relaxing, I’m enjoying my summer break and looking forward to college!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have trouble remembering what happened last week hahaha! It’s kind of concerning. Ahhh are you excited for the movie?? Just a few more weeks. I hope you’re able to relax more before school starts ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Your July sounds pretty fun! I’m excited to see your new blog name, that sounds pretty cool! And I’m hoping to get back to youtubing in August/September, too! Good luck with drivers school!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know the feeling of NOT knowing what in the world to name things! It’s kind of a weird worst feeling. And my youtube is Redgal Reading. But I haven’t uploaded anything in 2 months because summer is the WORST.

        Liked by 1 person

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