Why Bloggers Burn Out // + how it affects your mentality

As you guys are aware, I haven’t been posting as much as I usually do, or would like to do, the past couple of months. I’ve given excuses about being busy and not having the time to write posts. This is all true, but what if I just don’t feel like writing a blog post? What if I have zero inspiration to write anything? Well, that’s what I call bloggers burn out.

Since I’ve been struggling with this a lot recently I thought that I’d be qualified enough to write a discussion post about it. So here I am!

and ironically, this is the only post i have inspiration to write #oops


As a book blogger of nearly three years, I have written almost every post you could imagine. I’ve been writing an almost consistent 2-3 posts per week for years now. Since I’m not a robot programmed to push out content every two days I burn out. Whether I run low on ideas or inspiration to write out blog posts, it’s terrible either way.

Blogging has become such a large part of my life. It is a bigger part of my identity than I’d like to admit. Blogging has made me into the person and writer I am today. It’s ingrained in me like my DNA bts’ dna plays in the background #srynotsry so when I don’t write blog posts for a while it’s like a part of me is missing.

Within the last week or so I’ve been in a state of mental shock. I have been reading but not as much as I would like and I hadn’t written the amount of blog posts I used to be able to flawlessly put out every month.

This state of mind leaves my mentality in ruins and I end up feeling tired just thinking about blogging and reading. It’s mentally exhausting. So. Being the responsible person I am, I avoided them both. Which, as you’d expect, just made matters worse. Thus, here I am, trying to break this cycle by writing up a blog post about my struggle.

Now let’s answer the question we’re all asking ourselves: Why do bloggers burn out? Well, my goal is to try and answer this question somewhat by the end of this post.

not reading

It’s kind of obvious. If you’re a book blogger and you aren’t reading then there isn’t really much to blog about. I’ve only read one book and a novella all month so far and throughout the entire year, I don’t think I’ve read any more than 5 books a month. My posting schedule has been all wonky this year as a result of this.

i’m trying ://

getting distracted

Life is filled with distractions. It’s the reason why books don’t get written as fast as they should *cough* george r r martin *cough*, why things are done slower than is necessary, and – yup you guessed it – why bloggers don’t blog! I’m a person that gets distracted quite easily so when I have a million things to do I end up doing all of them except blogging.

me tho

blogging too much

Ahhhh. When the one thing we love turns against us. Isn’t it just peachy when you’re on a wonderful blogging schedule, blogging all of the time and actually holding yourself back from blogging more because you’re on such a roll but then… you literally don’t know what to write? By the time we hit this stage, all motivation is lost because you used up all of it at one time and didn’t save any for your future self!

i need to know what this is from xD

So basically, we all burn out. I unfortunately don’t have any actual helpful information regarding how to get inspiration back, but sitting back and not writing anything seemed to work for me as I am now writing this post.

As for the cause, lot of things could cause this burn out, but since I’m one of those unlucky individuals experiencing this lack of motivation firsthand, I can’t think of any other reasons besides my obvious trademark. If you guess it right you get a medal.

it’s kpop
and school


Do you experience Blogger Burn-Out? Are your currently unmotivated to post? Let me know!

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42 thoughts on “Why Bloggers Burn Out // + how it affects your mentality

  1. I know exactly hat you are talking about Savannah! I posted a similar conversation on my blog in May because I was in a terrible reading and blogging slump. I’m just getting back to it! Sorry to hear you feel demotivated now, hope you break this slump soon!

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    1. Sometimes all it takes it writing about your struggles – I felt a lot more motivated after I wrote this all down. Thank you ❤

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  2. I relate to this post so much! I have been blogging for almost 3 years now, and even though the focus of my content has shifted a bit since I started, I still feel like I have run out of post ideas. I don’t want to be repetitive and constantly write about the same books because I haven’t been buying as many recently, so it is hard to find content. I just feel stuck and my blog has suffered because of it.

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    1. Awe I’m sorry :/ Unfortunately when you’ve had a blog for so long, this is bound to happen. There’s no escaping it, I just hope you’re able to recover ❤

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  3. I’ve been in one for quite some time now and I blame the reading slump I’m in. Lately, I’ve been unmotivated to read, keep up with bookstagram, or blog but I’m slowly working my way out. I hope you get out of yours soon!

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    1. Being in a reading slump can definitely do that to you! Props to you for getting out, even if it’s slow. Thanks for reading ❤

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  4. I think I’m in one currently? Attempting to write blog posts and take pictures for bookstagram, no longer feel fun to me! I find that blog hopping or watching booktube helps bring the inspiration back, if not, a long needed break is scheduled. I hope you feel much better soon! Take all the time to recuperate ❤

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    1. I hope that you’re able to get out of yours soon. It is good to have a break sometimes, though!! And thank you ❤


  5. I’m close to experiencing blogger burnout. This past week, I’ve drafted seven posts, all which won’t show themselves until the last four months of the year? A lot of this comes from just wanting to keep up with blogging all while balancing whatever freshman year of college brings. Inspiration will strike like flint, though, but for now, it’s probably best to wait it out patiently. 🙂

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | Story-Eyed

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    1. The best part is that you drafted posts! Even if they aren’t finished, you have ideas sitting there waiting for you whenever you are ready to write again 🙂


  6. I ran out of blogging energy and went on a year-long hiatus recently… which was perhaps not the best way to handle it. But I did get my motivation back eventually so I guess it worked in a fashion (although my NetGalley was… a bit of a mess to deal with when I got back…)

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    1. Wow a year is a long hiatus! You must’ve really needed a break, which is always good to do when you’re not feeling something. Happy you’re back and wish you the best of luck with your NetGalley 😀


  7. This speaks to me a lot- I was actually in a very similar situation just until recently, but I was able to snap myself out of it and I have my groove back 💕 I hope you’ll find it again soon too!

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  8. I’ve certainly felt this is the past though I’m doing okay right now. I think when we obsess over something (like you eat the same food everyday for a week) you are bound to get tired of it. It’s not even that you stop loving it but we’ve been gorging ourselves and life isn’t meant to be like that. I think our lives are so much easier due to modern conveniences that nowadays its easy to fall into that trap. When I feel like this I still force myself to write posts… even if they are just reviews or a list… but I don’t do everything just enough to be present… then I spend my time doing other things. I start to miss blogging (even though I’m writing something for the blog) and I’m back! The same thing happens with reading, K-pop and K-dramas as well as blogging. ❤️ Love you shared this Savannah!

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    1. You are completely right!! That’s probably the same thing with reading ~ if I read too much at once then I can fall into a slump and not want to read for another month. It happened with BTS to me as well – I focused on only them for months when I first got into K-Pop and even though I still love them I don’t watch them much like I used to. Thanks for reading ❤


  9. I hope you manage to get through your burnout. I love your blog and your posts! I agree that book blogging basically feels like part of my identity. There was a period of time for a couple years after I graduated college where I didn’t blog, and it felt like a massive part of me was missing. I find that allowing yourself to take hiatuses and focus on other things in your life can sometimes be helpful. It’s easy to feel like we have to post, but I think the blogging community understands that you can’t be on point with blogging all the time, so breaks are okay. I hope you get your blogging mojo back soon ❤ best of luck!

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    1. Thank you ❤ Thankfully, I've been in the mood ever since I wrote up this post yesterday so I think I temporarily have it back for now. You're right, it can be nice to take some time off but it definitely is like a big part of yourself is missing. What I love about the blogging community is how understanding everybody is.

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  10. I am so sorry to hear you’ve been going through a bit of a burn-out, this is so annoying :/ I wish I had a magical solution for it all, but I guess the best thing to do in that situation is to take your time, not to force things and if you’re meant to be blogging I am certain that the time and inspiration to do so will come back to you soon.We all have different periods in ife as well where we can’t blog as much as we used to and that’s okay, too. What matters is that we don’t force it and wait it out 🙂 ❤ Best of luck ❤ ❤

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  11. All of this is so relatable. I have just got out of a massive period of burn out (I hope!) because I just didn’t have any inspiration whatsoever. For me, I think that comes from feeling like all of my posts need to be absolutely perfect, and then not actually writing them in case they don’t live up to that standard. I find I become a lot more inspired when I read other people’s posts – reading and writing blog posts really come as one for me. I hope you find your inspiration soon, but if not, know that it will come eventually and that so long as you’re writing what you love the words will flow! ❤

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    1. I think that’s why I get burn out as well. I strive for perfection but I feel like I never truly achieve it? So thus I avoid writing altogether because that will surely help xD That’s a good point, though! Reading blog posts gives me inspiration to write some myself or at least start writing some.Thank you 😀 I’ve been working on some posts today actually so I think I got my mojo back temporarily from this post!

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  12. I definitely experience them. Right now I’m probably into one. I can blog but don’t actually find the strenght to do so. And I know it”s okay but I would love to do much more.
    And yes, not reading! For reason my minds can do it. Is not that is actually tiresome, I just don’t feel like doing and instead I end up losing time on the internet. Also, is not a good thing when such things go on since the start of the year.

    Again, is not like a I see big solutions. Just waiting for it to pass

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    1. I know that I have time to blog if I put aside time to do so, but I don’t get the motivation to actually write out posts. Haha the internet is my worst enemy when I need to read! Especially Twitter, it’s soooo distracting ergh! It’s good if you put your phone aside and set a reading goal for yourself and reward yourself after you’ve completed the goal with your phone or a favorite snack food. It’s definitely not good when it goes on for such a long time, unfortunately, that’s been happening to me *nervously sweating* Waiting is really the best option 🙂

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  13. Great post! I haven’t experienced this yet but it’s definitely something I worry about and don’t want to experience. So thanks for giving me some warning signs. Sorry you had to go though it tho 😊

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  14. I got burned out A LOT when I initially began to blog, and I wasn’t even a consistent blogger. I even began to struggle with reading “too little.” But the more that I read posts like yours and others where people talked about blogging and mental health, as well as how to find your own voice instead of fitting your blog to satisfy your readers, I noticed that burn slowly started to dissipate and I felt it less and less. This year has been my absolute best year for blogging so far, and I haven’t burned out (yet!). I now don’t place limitations or expectations on myself to read a specific amount–if I do, great, if not then no biggie–and I created a blogging schedule that works for me mentally and creatively. I have depression, so that has definitely been interfering with my blogging, but I’m lucky so far as to not have this problem for the moment. I think the hardest part about being a blogger is dealing with the stats or seeing your progress when compared to someone else, and that can cause burn out, or so I’ve noticed from the posts that I’ve read chatting about it. When you can get to a point where those things don’t matter, it’s much easier to find a blogging/reading pace that works for you that combats burn out.

    Sorry, I prattled…

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    1. Don’t worry – I love prattling! I find posts like this one help me get inspiration to write as well. I guess that’s partly the reason I wrote it? To help keep others motivated or to keep them from making the same mistakes I make? I don’t know, either way, I’m happy that you’ve had such a great blogging year keep it up! 😀

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