BLOG TOUR/eARC REVIEW: Freshmen by Tom Ellen & Lucy Ivison // college is crazy, but freshmen are crazier

Today I’ve got a blog tour for y’all. I usually don’t do these but I’ve been low on post ideas and I got the chance to take part in this blog tour and considering that I’ll be going off to college next year I thought that this was the perfect book to read for me!


A laugh-out-loud, realistic portrayal of a freshman year in college for fans of Girls and Broad City.


By Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison


Getting in is just the beginning. 

The author team of Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison are back with another laugh-out-loud and at times cringe-worthy read in FRESHMEN (Delacorte Press / On sale June 12, 2018 / Ages 14 and up), which in alternating chapters tells the story of Phoebe and Luke, whose paths may not have crossed in high school but are about to in college.

Phoebe can’t wait to get to college. On her own, discovering new things, no curfew . . . she’ll be free. And she’ll be totally different: cooler, prettier, smarter . . . the perfect potential girlfriend. Convenient: the only person from her high school also going to York is her longtime crush, Luke.

Luke didn’t set out to redefine himself, but as soon as he arrives on campus, he finds himself dumping his long-term long-distance girlfriend. And the changes don’t stop there. In fact, being on a soccer team is the only thing that stays the same.

Just when things start looking up (and Phoebe and Luke start hooking up), drama looms on the horizon. Rumors swirl about the Wall of Shame, a secret text chain run by Luke’s soccer team, filled with compromising photos of girls. As the women on campus determine to expose the team and shut down the account, Luke and Phoebe find themselves grappling with confusing feelings and wondering how they’ll ever make it through freshman year.

TOM ELLEN and LUCY IVISON met at the end of high school and quickly became sweethearts. Though they broke up in college, they remain best friends. Lucy is a librarian at a girls’ school in central London, where she gets most of her inspiration. Tom is a journalist and has written for Time Out, Vice, ESPN, Glamour, and many other publications.
Their first book, A Totally Awkward Love Story, was partially inspired by their own high school relationship, with Tom writing Sam’s chapters and Lucy writing Hannah’s. Freshmen is their second novel together. Follow them on Twitter at @lucyivison.
By Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison
Delacorte Press | On Sale June 12, 2018 | Ages 14 and up
Hardcover: 978-1-5247-0178-9 | $17.99 / $23.99 Can. | 368 Pages
Ebook: 978-1-5247-0179-6 | $10.99 / $11.99 Can.



I received a copy of this book from the authors in exchange for an honest review. This in no way effects my overall rating of this book.

As a senior in high school about to delve into the dark and scary world of the real world and adulting and college, I’ve been wanting to read more books that have a college setting. I’ve gotten that with American Panda and Fangirl but that’s about it. Until now!

Whereas American Panda and Fangirl explored protagonists that I found were similar to me in one way or another – I couldn’t find myself in any of the characters in Freshmen. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when I’m reading a book I’d like there to be at least one character in the book where I’m like “oh! you kind of remind me of… me!

It’s very difficult for me to write this review mainly because the college life the characters in this book are living is much different than how I envision mine to be. Again, this isn’t a bad thing, but I wasn’t able to enjoy the book as much because of it.

In this instance I think that if this book was read by somebody different than me, then they would have enjoyed it more. I personally don’t like the way colleges are seen as a large drinking game for students… it’s just not what intrigues me about college. But roughly 80% of this book is about the students drinking and being hungover or smoking and getting high – it’s just not my scene. So I couldn’t connect and I didn’t really care about anything they were doing.


That doesn’t mean I didn’t like some parts of the book. I loved the friendship between Phoebe and her friend group. I also loved how she was able to have guy friends without them having romantic feelings for each other. It was quite refreshing to read because I feel like it doesn’t appear that often.

I also loved the ending. I don’t want to spoil but the choice that Phoebe made at the end made me love and respect her as a character. I didn’t expect it at all and I am so happy that the authors decided to do that.

A few other things I liked about this book was the setting! I had no idea going into the book that it’s set in the UK but it was a nice surprise. Secondly, there was this part of the book where the girls find out about the school’s soccer team doing something and then they end up making a fool out of the boys and it was awesome.

I’d like to thank the authors for sending this book to me. I’m so happy I got the chance to read this book and participate in it’s blog tour!


My Rating: 3 Stars

Overall I couldn’t connect to the characters or what they were going through so I had to take a couple of stars off, but I was entertained throughout and I loved the friendships. This makes me want to try out more college-focused books in the future.


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Have you read any books about college life/students that you would recommend to me? Are you in college or have you graduated? Any funny or crazy stories you’d like to tell? Let me know!

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