My Favorite K-Pop Music Videos 2.0 // here i go again :))

It’s been exactly two months since I wrote my first favorite kpop music videos post and I told myself that I would wait at least a month until I wrote another one so here I am! 

Last time, I got quite a lot of likes and comments and it honestly surprised me because I thought that y’all must have gotten tired of reading my posts on K-Pop, but apparently some of you wanted more K-Pop posts, so here I am!

**oh! and since it’s pride month, i have a couple of surprises in this post, make sure to comment if you notice them xD


Let’s Not Fall In Love – BIGBANG

Why I Like It: the pastel, the softness overall because BigBang are known for their party-like songs and crazy music videos.

You Might Like It If… you like cute romance and soft boys.

This Music Video Has: cute couple things, GD in a turtleneck and that legendary orange hair, shopping cart riding in typical kpop fashion.


Why I Like It: the story-line is confusing and just A+ acting all around. Plus the aesthetic somehow fits the song really well.

You Might Like It If… you like confusing story-lines and theories, dystopian-like situations.

This Music Video Has: rebelling against societal expectations/restraints, gay subtext.

TW: abuse, possible suicide

Love Scenerio – IKON

Why I Like It: the directing/camera angles and transitions, the old-timey feel.

You Might Like It If… you like simple music videos that are easy to watch but also fun and visually captivating.

This Music Video Has: the rare appearance of girls in a boy group mv, casual clothes that are probably worth more than my house.

Please Don’t – K.WILL

Why I Like It: the ending hehe, Seo In Guk.

You Might Like It If… you like plot twists!

This Music Video Has: a surprising plot twist (i guessed it tho), wonderfully executed story-line.

seriously, watch this and tell me if you guessed the plot twist


Why I Like It: it’s so fun and colorful in typical Seventeen fashion, hoshi’s choreography is perfect for this song, they looked like they had a lot of fun filming this.

You Might Like It If… you’ve had a bad day and need something to make you smile 😀

This Music Video Has: red-haired hoshi, light-hearted humor, a catchy song, hidden gems from their other music videos.

Just Right – GOT7

Why I Like It: i love the meaning (turn on the subtitles or nothing will make sense), it makes me smile, the dance is one of my favorites from GOT7.

You Might Like It If… you need a self-esteem boost.

This Music Video Has: miniature boys singing and dancing in cute colorful outfits, Bambam floating in a bowl of cereal and rapping #onlyinkpop

Excuse Me – BESTie

Why I Like It: they EXPOSE nasty perverts and I honestly love it. One of the few girl group songs/mv’s I actually like.

You Might Like It If… you like fun colors and a catchy beat.

This Music Video Has: girls finding a pair of glasses where they’re able to see guys’ true intentions and then they run across two guy friends who are apparently gay. I love this because LGBT+ isn’t something talked about in K-Pop or Korea at all.

Jealousy – MONSTA X

Why I Like It: those outfits, kihyun’s vocals, the rapping, the lighting, the setting, the choreography, the EVERYTHING. This comeback was truly the best one yet. I’m so happy it got them their second win.

You Might Like It If… heavenly vocals and powerful rap breaks are your thing.

This Music Video Has: great choreography, Monsta X in white shirts and jeans #blessed.

What Is Love? – TWICE

Why I Like It: it’s fun, parodies romantic movies such as The Princess Diaries, Ghost, Pulp Fiction, etc.

You Might Like It If… you like a catchy but not annoying song and creative music videos.

This Music Video Has: pretty dresses, confident gays (i will fight you on this).


Why I Like It: the song is SO CATCHY!!! the outfits are fun, the dance is fun although a bit cringey, the camera angles.

You Might Like It If… you’re a fan of catchy rhythms and dance moves.

This Music Video Has: gay panic at 2:47, edawn with blush and blonde hair, the tallest members in shorts.


Again, I hope that y’all liked this post! I love writing these types of posts. If you weren’t able to guess, a lot of these music videos have LGBT+ themes in them in celebration of pride month! It’s still hard to find music videos in the K-Pop genre that explore this theme since Korea isn’t very gay-friendly but it’s improving slowly but surely.

Actually, a few months ago, the first openly gay K-Pop artist made his debut! I’m so proud of him for having the guts to not only be open about his sexuality in a country that isn’t accepting but for also having a m/m kissing scene in his first music video, something that takes even more courage.

There are a few K-Pop artists that openly support LGBTQA+ rights, including Jonghyun from SHINee, RM from BTS, Heechul from Super Junior, and CL from 2NE1. There are some more but being gay isn’t talked about much in Korea like I mentioned earlier, so there aren’t many that have openly supported the LGBTQA+ community. I hope this continues to change.

What are some of your favorite music videos? Any you think that I would like based on the ones I mentioned in this post? Let me know!

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17 thoughts on “My Favorite K-Pop Music Videos 2.0 // here i go again :))

  1. Um, excuse me, there is never enough Kpop posts so I encourage more posts about kpop. 😉

    I generally don’t pay attention to music videos since I set them on auto-play (before driving because ew why would I text anybody while driving everyone else can wait). 😅

    Also I didn’t know about Holland releasing a single as an openly gay artist! That takes a lot of guts considering Korea’s stance on LGBTQA+ and I think it’s a major step to being more accepting of the community as a whole. ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so happy you want more kpop posts 😀 Hahaha I watch them every once in a while when I’m in the mood. I know!! The song isn’t my favorite but I’ll still support him because he is so brave for what he’s doing. I hope it motivates more LGBTQA+ artists to come out in the kpop entertainment industry.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes Big Bang! They have the best music and videos, and I really love GD’s orange hair. LGBT+ is not something openly talked in South Korea, but it’s slowly changing now and I’m quite happy with the progress 🙂 Especially Heechul, he’s always the most outspoken among K-idols regarding sensitive issues and he has been subject of gay rumors for a while, I love how he brings positivity to topic 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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