Why We All Need LGBTQA+ Rep // for everyone questioning why the sudden rise of the gays & it’s PRIDE MONTH <3

Happy Pride!

I feel like this post is going to be a really important one. I’ve had this post half-written in my drafts for months, not sure when I’d finish it but now that it’s Pride Month, I finally feel like this is the perfect time to finish writing it so here I am.

As of the last few years, more and more individuals have come to terms with their sexuality and come out to their loved ones. A few years ago, being gay or bisexual was something I never heard about – the word ‘gay’ was used as a way to insult somebody or something.

I grew up in the South. In the South, there are a lot of traditionalists that are usually put into three main titles – christian, straight, or white. Needless to say, I grew up around people who idealized going to church every Sunday, giving a tractor to the son and a doll to the daughter, and frowning at someone with different colored skin.


Not that anybody would ever bluntly say something terrible about something diverse, but they never tip-toed around their words. They never thought about their privilege or the way people of color were treated as compared to them.

Anyway, my point is, I never questioned the lack of LGBTQA+ representation in the media I consumed growing up and I never blinked an eye when a gay joke was made. I even caved into the jokes myself and started thinking like everyone else around me.

Without blogging and the internet, I truly don’t know whether I’d have the mindset I do now or if I would have become brainwashed by old Southern American ideals. I truly don’t know what I would think of diversity without my connection to the world outside of my little bubble and that terrifies me.

I don’t remember the first time I saw LGBTQA+ rep in media. It might have honestly been when Good Luck Charlie had a gay couple in 2014. Note that I have awful memory and this could be terribly inaccurate, but this was the first time I saw a same-sex couple on television without the entire ordeal being the butt-end of a joke.

Also, just last year, I believe, the Disney Channel show Andi Mack had a character realizing he has feelings for his male friend and there was an entire episode dedicated to him coming to terms with these feelings. Unfortunately, something a lot of mothers have said due to this is along the lines of “Please cancel this controversial series immediately. You will not have my support as long as you continue to veer away from family-friendly entertainment.” So… yeah. Nice try, Disney, I guess?


But to be completely serious, there is always going to be heterosexuals that try to vanquish homosexual voices whether it be in movies, television shows, books, and even in the music industry (example: i constantly hear about shawn mendes on the radio but wouldn’t know about troye sivan if it weren’t for youtubers and bts members covering his songs).

The live-action Mulan remake is also being made and… well. A lot of things are being changed. Mulan apparently has magical abilities, most all of the original characters are being switched out for new ones, and Li Shang, the bisexual Disney icon is being exchanged for a new character. This could have been such a wonderful opportunity for Disney to make itself right after the atrocious attempt at a gay character in the live-action Beauty and the Beast. But nope, I guess not.

Remember, this is all coming from someone that isn’t part of the LGBTQA+ spectrum so I’m not biased in any way. I’m just a bit informed on the topic and am very passionate about people being recognized as human beings that just want to be seen and accepted.

That being said, there’s also the entire conversation about Asexuality, Demi-sexuality and everything else on the spectrum. These sexualities aren’t even considered a real thing by some people within the LGBTQA+ community. This is just… so wrong. Include the A in LGBTQA+ (and make sure to add the + to include all of the others without having to write the entire thing because honestly that’s exhausting).

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that seeing even a little bit of representation in the media means the world to those being represented because they feel lost or like they’re an outlier in society. When there’s even just one character out there in a show that somebody can see themselves in, they feel a bit less alone and a bit more like they belong. This is so important.

I am constantly learning about what is considered right and wrong representation and I’d like to thank the book community for educating me because otherwise I would probably still be blind to all of this.


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Have you written any Pride-themed blog post? Where do you stand on LGBTQA+ rep in the media? Let me know!

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30 thoughts on “Why We All Need LGBTQA+ Rep // for everyone questioning why the sudden rise of the gays & it’s PRIDE MONTH <3

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my post! ❤️ I absolutely love Andi Mack – they handled Cyrus’ crush and coming out so well and the cast and crew care so much about the rep. I still cry thinking about it

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  2. This is a fantastic post! I also grew up in the South and without the internet, I wouldn’t have known what diversity really means. Being able to dialogue about diversity and see diverse characters in books and on screen has been so important!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that this exposure we get on the internet is so important for everyone ~ for diverse individuals themselves, everyone around us, and, well, us!


  3. OMg i agree so much with this post,,, and I could just rant with you, but i’d be repeating everything you’ve just said ahah!! AMAZING POST!! I loved it!! And thank you so much for linking to my post, that’s so kind of you!

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  4. I love this post, thank you for writing this! ❤ I completely agree; representation is so important because seeing yourself represented in a book or movie, etc, makes you feel like you're normal and you matter. Books have definitely opened my eyes to how important diversity and inclusivity are (in fact, Rick Riordan's PJO/HOO series first made me realize the power of normalizing diversity). The LGBTQ+ have never been adequately represented in the media; all we see are heterosexual couples in movies and TV shows, which has caused internalized homophobia and compulsory heteronormativity. :/ I'm so glad that movies like Love, Simon and TV shows like Brooklyn 99, One Day at a Time, and Andi Mack (which is actually one of my favorite shows, even though it's a Disney Channel show haha) exist now and showcase LGBTQ+ characters. This representation honestly matters so much. ❤

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    1. Riordon is one of my favorite authors because he includes so much diversity in his book ~ and it’s for kids!! I love it so much. Internalized homophobia is something that’s not talked about a lot and it’s formed because of the outside world and how constantly seeing heterosexuals as the norm can have a lasting effect.

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  5. I love this post to bits, Savannah! I feel like my parents have always tried to raise me with an open mind (or at least my mum tried), but things that shouldn’t be normalised like gay jokes and stuff like that still happened in my surroundings and I didn’t know better. I have learnt so much through the internet and am still continuing to learn these days and I completely agree that representation matters! No one should feel isolated because mainstream media doesn’t have the guts to stand up to bigots.

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    1. Thank you 😀 I think my parents are trying too, but they’re still not quite where I think everyone should be (they don’t quite understand trans, genderfluid, etc.) I’m still continuously learning as well! It’s a continual process

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      1. Mine aren’t quite there either. It sometimes feels like they just don’t want to open up to anything new or out of their comfort zone and they put it on their age, which doesn’t make sense in my eyes, but whatever. As you said, it’s a continual process.

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        1. I feel like that’s an excuse a lot of people use. Their generation didn’t grow up in an accepting world like ours has become so they never cared about diversity and representation. But also, there are so many older people out there that DO care and DO learn.

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  6. I loved this post so much ❤ ❤ ❤
    I always try to add the + sign even when I spell out the entire acronym because that leaves space for people who don't have a letter specifically representing them but belong as well. Thanks for sharing my post!

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  7. I FEEL YOU, SAVANNAH! I live in Southeast Asia, an in my country, there ~are~ a lot of LGBT++ people, but wasn’t until recently that they’re starting to be respected. This sounds really bad, but since my family is Catholic, a lot of them are baffled by the LGBT community. Books totally opened my eyes to diversity, and I’m so thankful I found the bookish community. And I’m so happy that people can now see themselves represented in all kinds of media. ♥

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

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    1. I’ve heard that only recently, LGBT+ people have been accepted in a lot of Southeast Asian countries – good to know that your country is learning and growing. Awe, I hope your family is able to warm up to the idea of LGBT+ and look past their religion and start becoming accepting. Yeah, without the bookish community, I don’t know where I’d be mentally!


  8. Great post! And yes that +sign is so important! I’m asexual and always look for it to see if I’m included or not. Who can be bothered to write the entire acronym? I can’t. Just add a +sign and you’re covered 😁 besides there are many versions of the acronym and a good chance you’ll miss someone out. So yes +signs all the way 😁😁

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    1. I have grown used to using LGBTQA+ because I have a lot of asexual friends and it seems to be one of the most forgotten about sexualities, which is quite disappointing so it’s like a little reminder for people whenever they see it. But as long as I see a +, then I consider all other sexualities included (as it should be).

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  9. Great post! Completely agree with your point about how important even a little bit of representation is. If a show helps someone no longer feel isolated or different from everyone else, that’s an amazing thing.

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