Why I Love Reading Negative Reviews // it’s controversial opinion time!

Instead of writing a book review today because somebody didn’t finish the book she was supposed to I will be writing a sort of discussion post about negative reviews. I think this is a nice compromise, especially since I feel like it’s been quite a while since I’ve done a post like this due to laziness being busy.


I have a confession to make. 

I like reading negative reviews.

Now it’s out there in the world. Negative reviews are like a guilty pleasure for me. I like reading them and although they’re hard to write because I don’t want to be mean or risk the possibility of the author stumbling upon my review I’m just such a nice person.

But also, writing and reading negative reviews are so much funThe best negative reviews are the ones for hyped up books that literally everyone has been raving about. Why? Because they’re being completely honest about their feelings without letting the opinions of others hold them back.

I live for honest opinions. That’s kind of why I started blogging. I like seeing what people truly think of a book. I like it when bloggers forget sugar-coating and just start ranting and throwing shade at a book.


me when someone starts trash talking a book

Negative reviews bring out the inner critic in us all. We nitpick and mention everything that annoyed us about the book whether it be the bland writing, slow storytelling, 2D characters, overused tropes, etc. we can all somehow relate to negative reviews in one way or another because we have all read a mediocre book in our lives.

I love talking about the things I didn’t like in a book. I might’ve not liked the book, but I oddly get a lot of satisfaction from sharing why I didn’t like it. I think this is due to all of my feelings about the book accumulating as I read the book, and when I write my review I am finally able to pour out all of my feelings on the book.

Sometimes I’m not even sure what my thoughts on a book are until I start talking about the things I didn’t like. That’s when I realize that the book I originally thought was a five star read was actually a three star read! It’s very interesting how writing a review for a book can change my rating and overall thoughts on it.


me when i try and make any decision in life

Let’s not forget the absolute pure joy I get when I find a negative review for a book that everyone has loved besides me. It makes me feel less alone and plus I can talk about what I didn’t like about the book to someone that has the same thoughts on it.

Besides being able to relate to a negative review, they’re also super important. I don’t know about you but I take a lot of consideration for what books to buy from reading reviews. I don’t want to waste my money on something that ends up being mediocre at best. I’m able to read mostly great books because I take reviews into consideration when I’m choosing a book to buy and read.

So, in conclusion, I love reading negative reviews because:

  • unpopular opinions are so much fun
  • they help me decide what i should read
  • they help keep me far away from books i would’ve otherwise read
  • it shows that book reviews share their honest opinions

I can’t express enough how important honest opinions are. If you don’t like a book, don’t be scared to talk negatively about it! I know that I myself have been hesitant in the past because of the way some authors have chosen to act towards negative reviews written about their books, but we shouldn’t let this keep us from writing negative reviews for a book we didn’t like!

Negative reviews help authors themselves as well, if they choose to read them. I know that authors reading reviews of their books is a controversial topic, but I’m okay with it overall as long as the author doesn’t say anything bad towards the reviewer and makes them feel uncomfortable for sharing their opinion.

Negative reviews are important for authors because they let authors know what they can improve on in their writing, world-building, storytelling, and characters. Without negative reviews, there’s no way for an author to know what they should be improving on!

I myself like to hear critiques and constantly ask people to critique me and tell me their honest opinion when I show them my work because I’m constantly striving to better my writing. I can’t better my writing if nobody tells me what I can do to make it better!

But, there is a thin line between a negative review where you spread your opinion and a negative review where you’re bashing an author and their work. That line should not be crossed. Respect authors because writing a book is hard. They’ve spent countless hours losing sleep over that book you just made fun of, so have fun writing a negative review, but don’t write a review slandering them and their work. That’s just not cool.


What are your opinions on negative reviews? Do you like writing them? Reading them? Do you not like them at all? Let me know!

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39 thoughts on “Why I Love Reading Negative Reviews // it’s controversial opinion time!

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  2. I enjoy reading a negative review as much as I like writing one. There’s something cathartic about getting all your frustration out about why you didn’t like something, and I think negative reviews can be highly entertaining and super honest. Love the post!

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  3. I definitely agree with this entire post!!! Negative reviews are my favorite to write, because it feels great letting off some steam. I also like giving my blog/review readers a different opinion, especially if I’m talking about a hyped up book with a bajillion 5-star reviews! Annnnnd I love reading them, too. I definitely have that expression on my face (like in your GIF) every time I see trash talk (the funny kind, not the disrespectful kind). xD

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

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    • thebookprophet

      Yes omg sometimes it’s so hard to keep it all in so writing a negative review really does help let off some steam! Sometimes it can get a bit boring to see all five star reviews – sometimes even just a four star review is a relief to see because there’s someone out there that didn’t like everything about the book. hahaha, i’m a huge fan of funny trash talk


    • thebookprophet

      Some can be very harsh! I have been able to read negative reviews for my favorite books before but sometimes they’re really harsh and I start feeling protective of my precious favorite book so I stop reading the review for my own good (and the reviewer’s) xD


  4. I sooo agree with you! It’s not possible for everyone to fall in love with the same book, and in my opinion, expressing negative review is always fine unless and until you bash the author, then… Anyway, you are not like that, so you’re definitely in my good books! *evil laughter*
    I don’t know what am I even saying…
    Great post!!

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  5. I agree, to some extent. I for one hate writing negative reviews, and even when I do I try to also show the good (since I also show the bad in the 4 star reviews or so). I value honesty so, so much though. As long as the reviewer isn’t being necessarily mean or hateful, I will definitely have no problem with it. I’ve written my share of negative reviews in the past and I’ll keep writing some, probably, but I reckon it’ll still suck every damn time…
    Great discussion post! ❤

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  6. Jennifer Schaber

    I HATE writing negative reviews. I have to go through and make sure that my wording is “just right”, BUT they are a necessary evil. There have been plenty of popular books that I was lucky to finish because I couldn’t stand them. I’m looking at the reviews of others thinking “Did we read the same book?” The other reason I’m careful is that occasionally I’ve had fans of the book bash me and my review because I didn’t share their opinions. That just ticks me off. I do enjoy finding that needle in the haystack that felt the same way I did though. It brings me so much joy. When looking for a new book, I tend to read the 2 and 3 star reviews before making a purchase decision because I feel that they are the most honest.
    Thanks for the post.

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    • thebookprophet

      I usually spend more time to make sure my wording is just right when i write positive reviews, actually haha! i feel more compelled to write a stellar review with proper grammar and such i guess? i don’t know – we all have our positive points. See, I hate when people bash someone for their opinions on a book – that is just rude! Reading the negative reviews can definitely keep you from purchasing and reading a book you would’ve hated. Thanks for reading 🙂


  7. I relate to this way too much. It’s often easier for me to think up specific examples of a book’s negative characteristics than the positive ones, and ranting about books is just so. Much. Fun. And, like you mentioned, I love reading other people’s negative reviews when I’m in the minority of those who disliked the book. It feels great to have my opinion validated!

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  8. OMG! I love reading negative reviews too because for some reason they seem more realistic haha. Another guilty pleasure of mine is reading negative reviews on a book I really liked to refute all of their arguments (in my head, not to them).

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    • thebookprophet

      They do seem more realistic and honest! Hahaha yes – I like reading them too but sometimes they point out things I didn’t notice before and I end up realizing problems I hadn’t noticed before.

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  9. paperbackdreamer

    You aren’t the only one!!
    I love negative reviews, they are so much fun to read someone ranting, they are also equally as much fun to write, my negative reviews always tend to be a lot longer and easier to write than positive ones too xD

    Liked by 2 people

    • thebookprophet

      Yes, I relate so much with writing negative reviews! For some reason, when I’m writing a negative review the words flow better.


  10. It’s good to see both sides of a coin (or a book in this case) because no matter how much we might love it.. there are people out there who hated it and probably with as valid reasons as us.. I find it helpful to read not only the raving reviews but the bad ones it helps me decide if I should invest my time on a book or not.

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    • thebookprophet

      It’s definitely great to read both good and bad reviews about a book when you’re trying to decide if you’re going to buy/read it or not. Even with books I love I like reading negative reviews to see what things someone might not have liked that I did. Thanks for reading 🙂

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  11. Ah, I love this post, Savannah! I am a HUGE lover of reading negative reviews, and writing them as well. I think that whenever I write my negative reviews, I tend to get a bit salty and roast the book haha. (But I always make sure to not be bashing the author — roasting a book to me is okay, but roasting an actual person is not.) I think that most of the negative reviews I like to read are the salty roast ones?? 😂 But I also love rants and I think negative reviews are super super important, for authors (if they choose to read them) and for other readers, especially if they’re talking about problematic aspects!

    Love this post, Savannah! 💕

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    • thebookprophet

      What I love about your negative reviews is the fact that you never roast the author – some people aren’t able to differentiate the two and end up roasting the book AND author, which I just can’t stand for. Yes, especially with problematic aspects, negative reviews are important so that authors can learn from their mistakes and others can be more aware of problematic parts in books. Thank you for reading!!

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  12. Oh wow! This! haha

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes to read negative review~ I agree with all your points.
    Recently when I bought some new books, and decided to ignore some of the negative reviews that I read for that book, and ended up regretting buying the book so much. And it was so expensive too. It cost USD 16, which is approx. RM 62 in my currency.
    Should never ignore negative reviews haha

    Great post 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • thebookprophet

      Yes, it sucks so much when you get a book that you’ve been hearing iffy things about but weren’t sure if you should still get it or not and the reviews ended up being right. Books are expensive! It costs you a lot of money when you purchase a book and it ends up not being worth it. Thanks for reading 🙂


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