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Happy V-Day!

okay ~ maybe not that v

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you spend it with a loved one or by yourself, I hope that you have a wonderful day! I saw this tag on Kat @ Life and Other Disasters and decided that it’d be a fun tag to do so here I am!

I’ve also been having LOADS of inspiration for my books but unfortunately I can’t work on them because I’m overloaded with school (also why there haven’t been lots of blog posts recently – and my wordpress hasn’t been saving ugh) so this tag will give me the chance to talk about my book more! This will be for my WIP We’re All Beautiful!



  • Thank the person who tagged you but also link back to the original post(I want to see all your lovely answers, people!)
  • Provide a short description of your WIP/story!
    I’m so bad at these but here I go – Junseok “John” Park has spent his life practicing piano under the command of his parents and their expectations. He’s also been hiding something – something that could ruin it all. He gets whisked away to Seoul to compete for a paid scholarship to one of the most prestigious music schools in the world. There he meets Kim Ji Woo, one of South Korea’s most well-known violinists and the competition leader’s son. Only, he’s harboring a secret too. 
  • Don’t use just one character for all answers if possible!



If there is a couple in your WIP, what are their plans for Valentine’s Day? And if there is no couple in your WIP, is there someone your main character would like to spend Valentine’s Day with?

John and Ji Woo are a couple in my WIP (spoiler! spoiler! haha just kidding – y’all already knew that). Ji Woo is the one that likes to take the other places so he would take John to a Flower Cafe and then they’d probably go for a walk around Seoul. They’d go out to eat at some fancy restaurant – all of the Valentine’s Day jazz.

Who has no shame about going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day alone?

I would have to say An – this is a character I’ve barely talked about but she’s ace and although she has a boyfriend she’s not someone that cares about the entire Valentine’s Day thing. Madison also wouldn’t mind I think, she likes alone time.

One of your characters requests a song on the radio for their crush! Which song and for which character would they pick it?

**gets excited because i see this as a chance to mention kpop**

look how small they were!

I can’t decide if John or Ji Woo would request this song but I definitely think that Just One Day by BTS would be a song they’d choose for one another – it’d be very cheesy but also cute and sweet.

I told myself I would only stick to one song but then I remembered the song I unofficially declared as their song and I couldn’t not share it.

Other songs that were close contenders include Confession Song GOT7, Stay With Me Eric Nam, and Serendipity BTS. I could go on forever but you get the point.

Is there a character who would organize an Anti-Valentine’s Day party?

An for sure! But also I think she wouldn’t care at all much, but she’d do it just to make a point and say “Hey, ace is a thing!” and then serve everybody coffee and muffins haha. I think she’d like getting people together and be that friend that’s kind of organizing Valentine’s Day surprises for people. Like she’s the friend to turn to if you need somebody to pick up a bouquet of flowers or make reservations somewhere nice, y’know?

Which character would buy a bunch of red roses and hand them out to strangers on the street, just to make their day?

I feel like most of my characters would do this actually – maybe they could make it a group thing. Like instead of going on dates and such they’d just buy out the local flower shop and hand out roses to random people on the street and give them compliments.

What are your main character’s favorite Valentine’s movies?

I can’t really answer this considering the fact that I’ve only seen around 2 or 3 rom-coms in my entire life. I think Madison and Dae would be the only ones that would watch anything sort of ‘romantic’ on Valentine’s Day. Dae likes k-dramas and Madison has come to like them from watching behind his shoulder.


Who is ready for the February 15th, just to get all the chocolate on sale?

An 😀 She’s appearing a lot in this tag considering a) she’s ace and b) she’s only been written into like three scenes so far.

Is there a character who never spends Valentine’s Day alone aka always has some sort of date?

Although I was going to make Ji Woo an introvert it changed to him being quiet, but he also has dates or ‘acquaintances’ nearly all of the time. He can’t help that he’s popular.

Bonus: Create a Valentine’s Day aesthetic for one or several of your characters!

I’ll be going with An since she was the unexpected star of this tag and I want to represent the aces on Valentine’s Day! Her aesthetic is already champagne pink so it fits. You do you no matter what anybody says. Your choices are valid.

i forgot how much i love her character until now

I won’t tag anybody to do this since it’s already Valentine’s Day, but if you decide to do it, feel free to let me know in the comments and I’ll check out your post!


Is there something you usually do on Valentine’s Day? Do you prefer fruit or chocolate or both? What would your characters do on V-Day?

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19 thoughts on “The Valentine’s Day Write Tag

  1. I loved reading more about your WIP! I prefer fruit over chocolate, but only if it is cut for me XD And I prefer chocolate when it is the time of the month. I actually spent my Valentine’s Day going to Markiplier’s Tour with one of my best friends, so it was a good day 🙂 How was your Valentine’s Day?

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  2. YOUR WIP FRIEND GROUP SOUNDS SO AMAZING, I CANNOT EVEN! I want to encounter them on the street all handing out flowers to strangers now ❤ I hope you will have more time and share some more WIP stuff in the future 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ok, first off- as a Taehyung bias I feel Attacked™️ by the first GIF- I was not prepared.
    Second off, K-Pop references? Throughout the post? Is this heaven because I’m living for this. Also, is that GIF from Strong Woman? The K-Drama?
    Third off! Love your answers and I cannot say how happy and thankful I am to see an asexual character! It’s totally something we’re missing out on as far as characters go and the representation is honestly making me feel so happy ❤
    Great post! Your WIP sounds bloody amazing!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1) hehehe 😀 2) i try to keep it on the down-low but i couldn’t contain myself this time and yup, it’s from strong girl bong soon! 3) an asexual character i felt was so important to have in my book – especially with people always saying aces don’t exist. I really want to gives aces some good rep

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  4. I think it’s the first time I am hearing about that WIP – or the first time I am reading a short synopsis of it – and I AM LOVING IT? I am really curious about it all and the Seoul setting is so very cool 🙂 I loved reading your answers here, hope you will find time to work on your story again soon! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have multiple posts where I talked about it – i bet if you just searched “WIP” or “We’re All Beautiful” in my search widget you’d find them. I love writing the Seoul setting it gives me excuses to look up pics and such for research haha. Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oops, I probably missed these posts and/or wasn’t following you at that time, I’m sorry!! I know what I’m doing this weekend now though, reading all the posts to know more about your WIP 🙂 You’re welcome! 🙂

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