The Expectations of a Book Blogger

Let’s all admit it. Being a book blogger is hard. We spend hours and hours reading books, hours designing our blog so that it looks just right, and even more hours compiling blog posts.

There are certain things that readers of the blogs we have expect from us. I don’t think we talk about these expectations very often. The pressure of reading a certain amount of books in a certain time frame and writing book reviews about those books can become overwhelming at times.

Sometimes you feel like you just want to rip out all your hair, crawl into a hole with a gallon of ice cream and cry. or is that just me.
Anyway, what makes us book bloggers so exceptional is being able to make it seem like we don’t struggle with these issues.

But putting a blanket over the bull won’t make it any less of a bull and it’ll definitely make it more angry.

I don’t even know what that means but deal with it.

So ANYWAYS today I’ll basically just be complaining about some things that I deal with a blogger myself. Not that these expectations are from any of y’all, but they’re things that I feel like you guys expect from me.


Read a trillion books every week

When you’re a book blogger you’re expected to – you know – read. Read a lot, actually. There are bloggers out there that read 200+ books every  year…

and then there’s me.


I read everyone’s monthly wrap ups and they have read a dozen books while I’ve read 2 or 3 and it’s so stressful just trying to get that number up to 5 or 6.

It’s so unrealistic for me to read at least 5 books every month. It’s just not going to happen. I get reading slumps and other times I just get distracted by other stuff *cough* kdramas and kpop *cough*

Plus I’m in High School and I’m expected to graduate next year and then after that is College and really, reading books isn’t always my priority.

*gasps are heard across the globe*

Review those trillion books

If I find it hard to keep up with a reading schedule you bet that I’m even more inconsistent with book reviews. I either don’t have anything to review because I didn’t read a book on time or I have a long list of books to review but no motivation to review any of them.

Why books are hard to review:

1) How do I even begin to gather all of my thoughts and compile it all in one blog post??

2) Ratings are so hard. Sometimes I finish a book and I don’t even know if I liked it or not

3) Not remembering 99.9% of what happened in the book

4) Unable to form words because what even is English??

Come up with brilliant, original ideas

Originality is such a hard thing these days. There are so many blogs out there. Being able to stand out from all other blogs is difficult because sometimes it seems like everything that could be done has already been done.

There are book tags, discussions, reviews, memes, and then the random crap that pops into your head that one day when you’re in the shower. Those are the blog posts you right. Think of something you haven’t seen on any other blogs? WRITE IT!

But also, most of the time when I’m able to sit down and write blog posts, I don’t have any ideas on what posts I should write. Sometimes I think “what if this isn’t original enough?” or “what if this was already written on a dozen other blogs?” the answer probably is yes to both of those questions.

Most of the posts you write have been written in a similar way by another blogger, but we’re all bloggers for a reason. We all have something different to say, an input to – well – put in.

Post consistent, good quality blog posts

Life can get busy, but posting as consistently as you can and developing a schedule to follow gives you stability. Everybody loves to have something to look forward to.

Let’s say you post every Monday and Friday and your followers know that. Then they’ll be looking forward to a blog post from you on those days.

If you’re busy during the week and know you won’t have time to write blog posts then but you’re usually free on the weekend, then dedicate some of your weekend time to writing your blog posts then.

Bring something new and fresh to the community

Although all of us are unique individuals, the way we portray ourselves on the internet can come out looking the same as everyone else.


You have to decide how you’re going to present yourself online without straying away from who you truly are.

You can be…

  • funny
  • witty
  • serious
  • intellectual
  • informative
  • an old wise wizard that knows all

It’s so hard to be unique from every blog out there because there are just so many of them. Sometimes I get a mini-blogger existential crisis from thinking ‘what if i sound just like every other blogger out there?’

Getting lost in the void is one of the most terrifying things I can think of. Nobody wants to be forgotten.


What are some expectations of a book blogger you’d noticed? Do you feel more inclined to read more when you became a blogger?

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80 thoughts on “The Expectations of a Book Blogger

  1. I used to worry a lot about how I sounded and what people thought of my posts. Then I started trying to put more of ME into them, instead of trying to write something that someone else was going to like. And it got easier to write quality posts. But I totally understand the struggles. We are still considered newbie bloggers (only 300+ followers) so there is so much room to grow. Great discussion!

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    1. Once you start writing with your personality instead of worrying about how people think your posts sound, it gets a lot easier and overall, a lot more enjoyable.


  2. That is exactly what I feel like. I have a busy life and people around me expect me to read 10 books a month or something. Thank you so much for making this post. I feel better already. I had to hear it. Till now I thought it is just me, but now I know it is difficult for every book blogger…

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    1. If anybody expects you to read so many books a month when you’re busy, they should try it themselves to see how hard it is haha! No problem – sometimes all we need is to know that we aren’t alone on something!


  3. Yeah, I’ve gotten myself into the high expectations for myself trap as well and it’s just not sustainable for me any more. I’ve got a toddler, a full time job, a new baby on the way… trying to make sure I blogged as well was a commitment and it felt like one! I’d never get around to reviewing the books I’d genuinely enjoyed when I did have a chance to read, so I decided to take a step back. I’m hoping that way, when I do have the energy to post something new, it’ll at least be something I’m genuinely interested in writing about!

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    1. Blogging is all about writing what you feel like writing about and talking about the books you want to talk about. Wish you the best of luck on your new little one and the possibilities of picking up blogging again in the future!! 😀

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  4. Hi!
    I thought I was alone! If I read 3 books in a month, I was lucky but then I read somebody read 14 books in a month and I’m like “f*** it! I won’t be a blogger anymore!” Because yes, I felt I should read more when I started to blog. Isn’t my blog supposed to be a book blog? Soooo hard!
    And despite all that, it is still fun! hahaha good luck with your blog!

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    1. Seeing others read more can definitely be discouraging but it’s not a competition. We all read because we enjoy reading – some of us are faster at reading or simply have more free-time while others might be slower at reading and can only read a bit at night before bed… It took me a while to get comfortable enough with this notion and accept it for what it is.

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  5. I totally agree! And wow we’re literally in almost the exact same situation! I’m a junior in high school and dude, kpop and kdramas? #1 distraction I swear to everything I hold dear. Love the post, thanks for writing it!

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  6. Love this post!

    Honestly, I hate the fact that people have such a tendency of comparing themselves to others. I’m one of those people you mention who read a ton and.. I probably make others feel bad because of it? Sometimes I feel like screaming that I simply.. read all the time. I don’t go to school, I do have a full time day job. But when I get home and my chores are done: The only thing I do is read, read, read. I don’t have to study, do homework, anything like that. Honestly sometimes I WISH I had some more other things to do but I’m such an introvert and.. I just like my books, haha.
    Anyway, my point being: Even if you only read two or three books, don’t feel bad because you read “less” than others. Maybe you enjoy reading more. Maybe you are more picky about the books you read and are less likely to pick up books you end up giving a low rating. It doesn’t matter. As long as you enjoy what you read, enjoy reading in general!

    Becoming a book blogger didn’t necessarily make me read more though. I’ve always read a lot of books and I had rekindled that love for books before Books & Munches was born. The thing that DID change though.. was my book buying. That is still through the roof. I think I went from 40 unread books on my shelves to.. the current 151 or something. It’s horrible. But I love it at the same time?

    Another expectation I notice some people have is you should blog ALL THE TIME. You’re not allowed to go on holiday, or disappear for a while. Nope. You should be posting at all times. I don’t get why people would expect that? We have lives outside books as well. Relationships, family, friends, other hobbies?!
    It’s sometimes so frustrating to see comments on posts going “I thought you’d died or something! Where have you been!” I always want to reply – doesn’t even matter if it’s my blog or not – with a “I’ve been LIVING MY LIFE.”

    Good points you make in this post!

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    1. 1) thank you for this wonderfully long comment it made me smile! 2) good for you for reading, reading, and reading! i get too distracted with other things to sit down and read my book for hours at a time like i used to and 3) i completely agree! blogging seems to take up everyone’s time and when you are gone it’s like you’ve done something wrong – i do get worried for people that haven’t blogged for a while just because i don’t know if something bad happened to them or what. for me it’s more out of worry that they’re okay since i don’t have any other way of knowing unless they put up new blog posts, then having constant content. it honestly feels so good to take blogging breaks – i’ve done it multiple times because life has simply gotten in the way or i didn’t feel like writing anything.

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      1. You’re very welcome! 🙂

        There are some days where I get distracted by other things as well – Sims is one of my weaknesses certain periods.. – but overall I just read.

        Exactly! If I get worried about someone, I do get tempted to simply go on their social media and check whether they’re still there or if they shared something about not blogging there. You never know since people tend to use their social media to announce such things as well. + It’s the perfect place to simply let them know you actually noticed. It immediately brightens their day as well! 😀

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        1. Ahhhh Sims is such a weakness!! I was able to stop myself before I got obsessed there. Yeah, social media is where I usually go as well to make sure they’re doing okay

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  7. I just started a book blog on a whim so all your tips and thought are noted down for the future. Thanks! I completely agree with what you said about reading slumps and not having time to read. My reading goes very much up and down. When im not in a reading slump I try to read as much as I can, while I can. I also have the issue that all books look so inviting and I can easily start a book, put it down after a few pages/chapters and start a new book. It’s a problem. But is a luxury problem 🙂 I enjoyed your post and thanks for the tips. ​

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    1. Welcome to the community!!! I also have a post with tips for bloggers, you might find it helpful as well ( )
      Yes, I relate. I try to read as much as I can when I’m not in a slump so that when I am in a slump I won’t ‘fall behind’ or feel bad about not reading anything. Sometimes having a small attention span for books will save you from reading bad books! Thank you for reading 😀


  8. I just gave up with most of those points for now especially since I was stressing myself out too much and K-dramas and K-pop (JIMIN AND JACKSON WANG MY BABIEEES 💖) de-stress me so I ain’t about to give that shit up. I’m fairly new to the blogging community too so I’m trying not to pressure myself too much so I don’t end up abandoning it. I’m not the best at eloquently conveying my thoughts into coherent posts but I try because hey, practice makes better! Right? Right. I’m just glad to see this post because it makes me feel better I’m not the only one feeling this way. I thought I was just incompetent 😂🤣 my goal is hopefully in time I can get the momentum going and I’ll be the dream blogger I hope to be. Thanks for sharing this, great article!

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    1. K-Dramas and K-Pop are very good de-stressers. Seriously, I don’t know what I’d do without them. YASSS JIMIN AND JACKSON MY LOVES ❤ Don't worry, the more you write the more you're bound to get better eventually ~ or at least that's what I tell myself haha. All bloggers have struggles – we're just very good at hiding it hehe 😀 Welcome to the community!

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  9. ‘what if i sound just like every other blogger out there?’ That is BIGGEST insecurity with blogging…that and I’m never even in the same planet as a dozen books a month. I can relate to this post deeply. I have a tendency to choose giant books, so that also slows the process. Once I read one book for exactly three months. And I’m always reading multiple books at once, so that just lengthens the reading time. ❤ You are fantastic!!!!!! 🙂

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    1. I’m so happy you were able to relate with this post ❤ I read loads of books at once too so it tends to take longer for me to read them. Thank you so much ❤

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  10. You’ve summed up beautifully what probably every book blogger is thinking or has thought at some time!
    I thought it was just me that couldn’t read as many books as I would like or didn’t feel like my ideas were original and interesting.
    I find it hard to read in the summer because I ride my scooter to work instead of taking transit. This cuts out over an hour of reading time per day! I was getting a bit stressed and thinking why bother with the blog but then November came around and I started back with the commute and the reading and blogging yay!
    Thanks for the inspirational post.

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    1. Yeah unfortunately when you don’t read as many books as you’d like, you think you’re the only one out there. That’s why I wanted to write this post 🙂 Aw that sucks!! I’m so happy you’ve been able to overcome the slump you got into. It’s the worst when that happens. Thank you for reading and commenting 😀

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  11. YESSSS. These are all so true!! I feel so horrible because I barely write reviews (still have some from October to write oops) and I read so slowly??? Although I’m in a slump sooooo. And it’s SO SO hard to be expected to comment on others’ posts but also make quality posts of your own!!

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    1. Reviews are so hard! I feel like I just repeat the same things over and over again “I liked this character.. the writing was enjoyable… and the plot was good… um… that’s it really” but it’s not like I can write a two sentence review! Slumps are the worst because if you haven’t read any books in the past like month, what are you supposed to blog about?? OMG yes, commenting! I’ve been slacking off so much with that! I read posts and like them and I DO have things to say about it but it can sometimes take me 5+ minutes to compile a nice, thoughtful comment and #nobodygottimeforthat

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  12. SUCH A RELATABLE POST! There are indeed so many expectations for book bloggers, and a lot of these expectations we impose on ourselves when we should instead take it a bit more easy (well, I know I should anyway). I don’t read that many books and it stresses me out all the time until I tell myself it doesn’t matter how many I read, but that I love what I read. And it works…for a while… until the next stress-out moment haha 🙂 I’ve also given up on reviewing all the books. Some books I just like and don’t have anything special to say about them so I don’t force myself to review them anymore.

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    1. Yeah we do pressure ourselves as bloggers (and as an extension – readers). That happens to me too *sigh* it’s a cycle. I used to make myself review every book I read but I don’t any more and it makes me feel so much less pressured than before.


  13. Oh wow, this post was entirely relatable! It’s definitely hard to come up with original ideas for posts because book bloggers have been around for SO long, you’re bound to accidentally “copy” someone’s idea (even if it wasn’t intentional). I also find it hard to feel like I am bringing something new to the community BECAUSE OF the fact that there’s already so many book bloggers out there and it seems like everyone has their unique, quirky thing whether that’s a blog feature or their personality—I sometimes feel like I’m just another book blogger who doesn’t really make a difference!

    It’s definitely important to remind yourself that you’re YOU and you’re not like anyone else and even if it sometimes feels like your voice doesn’t matter, it actually DOES! This is what I tell myself almost on a day to day basis XD

    Wonderful post! ❤

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    1. Yes I completely agree with you there. Although it does feel like you might sound like everybody else, if you’re you, then you’re unique and different enough ❤ Thank you for reading!

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  14. Agreed! Most of these are spot on. I have agreed (with myself xD) that I will set a MUCH lower goal of books to read next year. I went over my assigned 100, but I don’t want to be doing that again. It’s just not worth it, too stressful. If I read 100 next year, I want to do that without counting “how many I still need to push myself towards”. No fun.

    As for content… hm, I never really bothered to be original! I just try to be myself and talk about what I care about 🙂

    But it’s definitely true about content and how often you have to put it out. However, I’ve started putting less review content out and going for more discussions. I just put the excess reviews on Goodreads. Nobody cares about reviews on blogs anyway, it seems, so I just focus on the books I really really liked 🙂

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    1. Setting an easy reachable goal is something you should definitely do for next year! Plus reading slumps come at the most unexpected, inconvenient times so it doesn’t always work out the way you originally planned haha! And life always seems to get in the way as well. Discussions are always really fun and people seem to read and enjoy them more than reviews.


  15. This is SUch A RELATABLE post, I loved it so much. I agree with you on so many things here. I feel like I’m supposed to read tons and tons of books and that, it’s never enough in a way?! I work full time and use most of my commute to read, but still, when things get busy, it’s hard to read a lot of books… and even harder for me, to review them. I have given up on reviewing everything, I’m always trying to leave some thoughts on goodreads, but full-length review just takes too much time :/ and YES to the existential crisis I have about every single day haha. Being a book blogger is HARD at times haha.
    thank you for the great post! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m happy you liked it and maybe a bit less happy you relate to it as well because oH tHe StRuGGLe!! But also I will drag you down with me muahahaha *cough* ANYWAY with a full time job, you are doing great with using your commutes to read!

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      1. Without it, I don’t think I’d be able to read so much – it’s always so hard to manage our time whenever we’re at school, uni or working while blogging. It certainly is a full-time hobby ahah 🙂

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  16. Oh MAN do I relate. I still feel like a relatively new blogger, and figuring out all the expectations has been a bigger learning curve than I expected! I also only read 2-4 books a month because I have a busy life outside of blogging, and I am scared forcing myself to read will take away the freedom and love I have for it. I have really been struggling recently with the whole social media aspect of book blogging. I don’t fully understand twitter as the tool that so many other bloggers use it as. If you, or anyone, has any tips on that front I’d LOVE some guidance 🙂

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    1. I don’t think I’ll ever feel like not an amateur blogger ha! But blogging and the expectations that come with it – that you wouldn’t even know about if you weren’t a blogger yourself – definitely teach you a lot! Really, I think as long as you read – no matter whether it be 2 or 10 books a month – you still love books and you still love talking about books so it shouldn’t matter 🙂 It took me a long time, but I’ve finally been able to comfortably say that. Maybe I could write a post on how to utilize social media outlets for you and other people that need help with that?


  17. When I started blogging, it was just because I wanted to record my thoughts on the books I’ve read. Over the years I’ve gotten more involved in the community and I’ve been surprised at how expectations like these can affect people. It can be hard to remember this is/should be, for most people, a fun hobby. Even for myself, I get bummed out when I can’t keep up a regular posting schedule. But for the most part I take it in stride and remember that I blog for me, not for anyone else.

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    1. It can definitely get to the point where you start stressing over having to read a certain amount of books, write and post blog posts on a certain time every week, etc, etc, but every so often you need to just step back, take a breath, and remind yourself why you started blogging in the first place.


  18. So dang relatable. I go into constant blog slumps all of the time because I don’t know what to post or because I’ve already seen at least 10 people have already written the same post that same day.

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    1. It’s so difficult sometimes, I’m exactly the same, which is why I take random hiatuses every so often because I just – don’t know what to write!


  19. You (and all book reviewers) do a really tough job. I can write a story, I can critique a story, but a review? That’s something that causes me to rip hair out (and there’s not enough there as it is!) and walk away from the screen. I just can’t do it.
    I can write a story, but whether that story is worthwhile to a reader is something else, and I rely on reviewers to give me their opinions. I know not everyone is going to like it, and I aim stories at particular audiences, but it’s still good to hear how the reader feels about it.
    The most important thing about being a writer is that I came to that point Because I Love To Read, and I read a lot. A lot (before becoming a full-time writer it was 7-10 books a week, 50/50 non-fiction/fiction). But because I now write stories and don’t have time to ‘wander’ the web, when it comes time to find a book worth reading, I look at what reviewers have to say, and I listen.
    And that, as someone famous once said, is power. You (reviewers) have the power to influence and inform.

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    1. Writing and reading/reviewing are so different, I agree! As a reader/reviewer AND writer, I can say that critiquing books and explaining why I liked, disliked, and would change about a book to make it better is one of the hardest things to do out of the three. I really appreciate how much you respect your reviewers, it’s so refreshing to see!

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  20. I’m someone who reads a very different amount of books most months and it used to annoy me whenever I didn’t read ‘enough’ in my own eyes. But now that I look back on the ENTIRE year rather than any single month, I see that I actually read A TON. The most I’ve ever read in a year before, I think. I do get how you feel though! But comparing ourselves to other bloggers can be a slippery slope and probably leads towards feeling unhappy with blogging itself…

    And let’s not even talk about coming up with original content all the time. It’s SO difficult. Because bloggers have been around for such a long time and book bloggers too that I feel pretty much any post that could be written, probably has been written already. Also, those random ideas you get while in the shower? They are the most annoying because what if you’ve forgotten them by the time you’re done with your shower???

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes omg! I felt like I read NOTHING this year, but actually I think I’ve read the most this year than any other year. I read most of the books earlier in the year but then reading slumps came up so I then barely read anything so it felt like I wasn’t reading. I almost ALWAYS forget the blog post ideas by the time I get out of the shower!! It’s the most annoying thing because I keep repeating it and repeating it until I get out of the shower but I still end up forgetting it.

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        1. Haha that’s hilarious. Maybe because you felt like you had to catch up on your reading by the end of the year since you didn’t read all that much?? WHY ARE WE LIKE THE SAME PERSON IT’S SCARY


  21. Oh wow, I relate to this so much! I definitely have the same fears as you. I think as far as the reading is concerned, there isn’t a set number to reach at all- as long as you are happy with your target that’s all that matters! With me I try not to focus on the number too much. It only bothers me when I know I can read a YA book in a week during my commutes, and then an adult fantasy book can take between 2 and like 6. By the 6th week I’ve slowly grown to hate it, haha!
    Lovely post, this has so many good points! ❤

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  22. This is so relatable! I’m a very slow reader. I only read 1 to 2 books a month, sometimes less. I knew that when I started my blog so I made mine a mix of things. We only have one laptops so I have to do weeks of posts at a time. Thanks for posting this. 😁

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Happy you loved and related to the post! I’m a slow reader as well and sometimes I have a really small attention span so I don’t end up reading much in a month.

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      1. I’m always so nervous because it takes me forever! The longest it’s taken me to read a book is two months. The life of a slow reader/book blogger is hard! This is one of the best posts I’ve read this year!

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        1. I get nervous too. I always feel like there’s somebody out there silently judging me for it haha though I know I’m just paranoid. Awe thank you so much, that means a lot!!!

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  23. This was such a great post! Ah! I literally read it with my glasses off because I just woke up and didn’t have them on yet, but didn’t want to take a break from reading this post to lean over and grab them from the night stand 😂😂

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  24. Perfect post. Exactly how I feel too. It always makes me feel better to know that I’m not alone in my thoughts. I feel pressure to write better reviews because I’m not a great writer and struggle getting my thoughts down. I’ve noticed recently that some bloggers are writing what they call ‘mini’ reviews, but they’re about as long and detailed as mine. Are my reviews mini? Oops. 🤣💖 I never knew there was such a thing. Thanks for sharing this. 😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I don’t think review lengths are anything to worry about. Some people have more to say than others and that’s perfectly fine 🙂 I actually usually read more short reviews because I get lazy haha!


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