The Book Blogger Test

So I was tagged/nominated to do this post by Kat @ Life and Other Disasters. This looks like a fun little post to do with some cool questions so here we go!



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Describe Your Perfect Reading Spot!

First it’d have to be somewhere desolate of all people and possible distractions. I’m also one of those people that starts to feel stuffy if I’m inside for too long so I’d like to be near a window, but also I don’t want the sun to get in my eyes or make me hot because I’m very particular about that.

I’d have a kitchen nearby (but not too nearby or I might never be able to truly focus on my book) and be surrounded by shelves of books so that once I’m done with my current read I have easy access to my next book!

this is the bookworm dream

Tell Us 3 Bookish Confessions!

1. I usually choose watching TV/YouTube over reading
you might as well just strip me of my crown and burn all of my books
but please don’t have mercy on me

2. I usually don’t read the full blurb of a book before deciding to read it or not.
no not because i’m lazy…
i just don’t… want to get spoiled
yeah. that’s it

3. I let the Goodreads rating effect the books I pick up.
i didn’t used to do this until i read the 100 and decided that the ratings were indeed correct

When Was the Last Time You Cried During a Book?

I’ve actually never cried during a book because i’m a demon with no feelings but I was really really close to letting a tear slide down my cheek during a certain character’s death in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. My sister had already spoiled the death for me but the way Rowling wrote it just tore at my heartstrings.

i really need to finish this drama

How Many Books Are On Your Bedside Table?

None at the moment actually! Usually there would be at least 2-3 but I’m only actively reading one book at the moment and it’s in ebook form. I do have my journal on my beside table though, if that counts.

What’s Your Favorite Snack to Eat While You Are Reading?

Anything that doesn’t make a mess haha. Something like grapes or nuts are usually good snacks for when I’m reading. Drinks such as water and tea are always good too. I don’t snack all that much when I read because I’ve – um – spilled and dropped things in the past.

Name 3 Books You Would Recommend to Everyone!

These are always the first three books that come to mind when I’m asked to rec a book to somebody. No matter what genre you like I can almost guarantee that you’ll enjoy at least one of these books. They all have such wonderful characters and the writing styles are so poetic and beautiful.

if you haven’t read any of these books what have you been doing with your life?
come on, stop reading this post and get on with it!
i know you’re still here!
okay well you can finish reading this post first and then read these books, sound fair?

Show Us a Picture of Your Favorite Bookcase on a Bookshelf!

I don’t actually have a bookshelf at the moment and all of my books are packed up because I’m moving so… I can’t really do this but I usually like the shelves with my series all together the most because they match and look really pretty together.

Describe How Much Books Mean to You in Just 3 Words!

My entire universe ❤


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What’s a bookish confession of yours? What would your ideal reading spot look like?

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25 thoughts on “The Book Blogger Test

  1. TV/YOUTUBE OVER BOOKS??? I’m shocked, Savannah haha. But I totally get not wanting to read blurbs beforehand!! They actually end up spoiling the book for me a little?? And I kind of forget what the book is about anyways. And omg Starfish & Ari and Dante are some of my favorite contemporaries ever!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I actually don’t ever read the blurb before deciding whether or not to read a book, either! It’s definitely because I’m lazy. Mostly I’m a horrible person and judge it based on title, cover, and, when I’m not convinced, a blogger’s rating. Yeah, I’m just very lazy. And don’t worry; lately I’ve been unable to tear myself away from Netflix to read a book or write a blog post! Can’t you be both a bibliophile and a Netflixophile?

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The Night Circus is such a good recommendation!!!! I adore the book so much. Glad you had fun with the tag as well and I would really love to see your bookshelf once you are done moving. Just think of all the possibilities of having a fresh start with your shelf. You could do a rainbow shelf or sort it alphabetically or according to genre. SO. MUCH. POSSIBILITY!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! ❤ Hope to get a new book from Morgenstern in the near future. I'll definitely post pictures on my Instagram once I get a new bookshelf! Can't wait to organize it too! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  4. My ideal reading spot is the same as yours and as for the confession, I don’t read the blurb as well. Most of the time it is the cover which makes me interested in it or something someone said about it. And I knew 2 of the 3 books you would recommend XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I usually choose by the cover too 😛 I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it. *gasp* HOW? well… i might mention them… every so often don’t I?


    1. I love cozy reading spots! Just thinking about snuggling up with a book in a reading nook makes me want to read all day. Starfish is SO AMAZING!! You’ll love it.


    1. YES! They’re like movie trailers these days – I usually read the first sentence or two and then I decide whether it’ll interest me or not.

      Liked by 1 person

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