The Book Mashup Tag

A blogger friend of mine, Lia @ Lost in a Story, created a brilliant tag where you choose two books and mash them together to create one epic, weird book!


It works like this:

  • Choose 10 or more book titles (you can also play with tv series, movies or basically anything that has a story and characters)
  • Put them in a bowl/mug (or be lazy like me and just use a randomizer online)
  • Take 2 of them and mash them up!
  • You can take characters from one story and put them in the other, mix up the worlds, fuse the story-lines, anything is okay as long has it contains elements from both stories!
  • Write a (small) paragraph with the premise of your new mashed-up story
  • Go on until you’re out of titles!
  • Have fun! Go crazy!


I’m going to try and use some popular books and books in different genres so that this will be as interesting as possible. Let’s begin!


Strange the Dreamer x Cinder

Okay this one will be very interesting!!

For as long as Cinder knew, New Beijing was covered in darkness. There was a large object that floated in the air. It covered the entire expanse of the city. It never moved. It never did anything but cover the city in blackness. 

Up above the city rested children. Their color was blue. Their hearts were made of stone and ice. Sarai was one of them. She would spend her nights swimming in the dreams of those in the city below her. There was a certain prince in which she enjoyed his dreams the most.

OMG I need this as a book STAT. Anybody else??

to be completely honest i’d probably end up shipping Lazlo and Kai
can this actually be a new ship please??

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue x A Game of Thrones

This combination is a bit more odd, but I can kind of see it happening?? Sort of??

Winter is coming.

Henry “Monty” Stark was told this nearly every day by his father. Soon enough the land would be covered in snow up to your waist. Soon the House Lannister would invade and turn on them. Felicity Stark was raised as a lady and was to be married off to the golden stag that sits upon the iron throne.

But the Stark family gets split and the Houses at each other’s throats. Will Monty’s crush on the Tyrell bastard Percy save or destroy them? Will the rising dead be the death of them all?

That was a crappy synopsis. I seriously didn’t know what to write haha. I guess this works… sort of??

tbh Monty would die within 5 pages of Game of Thrones

The Night Circus x The Hate U Give

The only similarity these two books have is the color scheme of the covers. Hmm… let’s see what I can do with this.

A circus would appear overnight a few blocks from Starr’s house once every few years. She found it strange that a circus would want to come to her part of town, but it was a whimsical and wonderful place that her father took her to every time it appeared.

She would hold her father’s hand, her little legs struggling to keep up with her father’s large ones until they grew longer and Starr became bewildered by the actors in the show who never seemed to age since she began going a decade ago. There was something strange about this circus but she just couldn’t decide what it was.

I somehow managed to make this work.

Percy Jackson x When Dimple Met Rishi


For as long as Dimple could remember, she’s always felt different than all other girls. She didn’t care about her appearance and she liked coding. When she gets the chance to go to a summer program for coding she leaps at the chance.

Only, when she gets there she meets a boy – Rishi Patel – the Indian boy her mother arranged her to marry. And something is off about Rishi. After a chain of events, Dimple discovers that she’s actually half-god – a Demigod – and so is Rishi. Nothing will ever be the same again.

That was so difficult oh my god. I couldn’t see this happening though! Could you?

but if this did happen Dimple would either be daughter of Artemis or Athena
Rishi would be son of… uh… i don’t know…

Passenger x Caraval

Although I was let-down by both of these books, they would mend very well together!

A place of mystery and intrigue, Caraval was the center of every child’s dreams. Etta – a violin prodigy – wanted to go to Caraval more than anything in the world. She sent letters every year, never truly thinking she’d get invited – until she did.

But. When she gets to Caraval with her mother, she disappears and she meets a pirate named Nicholas. He’s kind, but mysterious and is probably holding a big secret, like where her mother disappeared to.

That synopsis was very sucky but I bet it would make a wonderful book!

I Tag:

Flavia @ Flavia the Bibliophile

Ilsa @ A Whisper of Ink

Yasmine @ Yasmine Reads

As always, you don’t have to do the tag if I tagged you and if I didn’t tag you, feel free to still do the tag if you’d like!


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19 thoughts on “The Book Mashup Tag

  1. this sounds so cool! i might give it a go, but I’m not very creative with these things unfortunately. your match up of Cinder and Strange the Dreamer is interesting. I can’t wait to pick up my copy of Strange. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just need Strange the Dreamer meets Cinder right now!! That sounds amazing! I also need Strange the Dreamer haha I still haven’t read it… 😦
    I loved your ideas!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I actually began writing this post and then abandoned it for like a week and only finished it so I could post it today. It’s so intimidating.

      Liked by 1 person

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