What Makes a Good BookTube Channel // & Some Favorite Channels of Mine

I decided that today I would make a post about what qualities a good BookTube channel should have. If y’all didn’t already know I have a BookTube channel myself and although I’m not an expert in making videos by any means, I have watched BookTube for years now and have noticed a few things that I like and dislike in a channel.

I especially made this post as a guide to help you start your channel if you don’t know where you should start or if you’re having difficulty deciding how you should approach BookTubing.


Easy to remember, catchy name

Whether you like it or not, people immediately judge your channel by it’s name. It doesn’t always matter how great your content is if you aren’t able to lure people in with a good name. Be creative with your title and try and avoid common references to popular books (ie: The Mortal Instruments, Throne of Glass, etc.) because loads of people have already done that. If they are your favorite series, then try to be as original as you can when you incorporate it into your channel’s name.

Pretty, eye-catching thumbnails

Thumbnails are EVERYTHING when it comes to getting people to actually watch your videos. Just add a bright text or make a face that goes with what the video’s about (ie: frown and thumbs down if you’re talking about books you didn’t like). Just take a few seconds before you actually start filming your video to make these stills to possibly use for the thumbnail. It’ll pay off, trust me!


Good lighting

Just sit by a window if you don’t have professional equipment because good lighting is the KEY to a great video of any kind. I have three windows in my room and I utilize that to my advantage because once I open my blinds, you’d think I had professional equipment. Good lighting is more important than the device you use to record.

Fun, original content

As much as I love watching book hauls, wrap ups, TBRs, and tags, it’s always good to mix it up with an original video. I love discussion videos and just fun videos that you think of yourself! BookTubing is something that should bring out your creative side so when I see people using this outlet to let their creative mind shine through their videos, I get reminded why I love the community so much.

Interacting with subscribers

There’s nothing I hate more than people that don’t interact with the people that subscribe to them and watch their videos religiously. Even the big BookTubers respond to a few comments. If they can, you can! Also, show your appreciation for them as well. I haven’t seen anybody not appreciate their subscribers, thankfully, but I just thought I’d put that out there.


Honest opinions

I cannot stress this enough. I HIGHLY dislike anybody who praises a book and hypes it up for everybody else only because they either a) get paid for it or b) feel like they’ll be attacked if they don’t. We need to all voice our honest opinions on books because you may not know it, but people might spend a lot of their hard-earned money on the books you recommended them.

Same with those that gloss over problems in books just because it’s popular
AKA: the Sarah J Maas fandom


There will be some big channels I mention and some relatively small channels as well because I love watching both. I’ll briefly say what I like about their channels, them as people, and a favorite video of theirs 😀


A Clockwork Reader

I absolutely love Hannah as both a person as well as her content. I’ve admittedly only seen a few videos of hers, but I have absolutely LOVED them! She is so well-spoken and her opinions are honest to the point where I admire her, considering how rude people can be in the comment section.

Can we also just talk about how goals her bookshelf is?? *heart eyes*


Before I begin about why I love Whitney and her channel so much I would like to flail because she lives literally 10 minutes from my house *flails for all of eternity*. Whitney has taken a break from BookTube; I don’t really know the details or anything, but she does have a blog.

Anyway, I love how honest Whitney is about her opinions on books and she isn’t afraid to tear a book apart if she didn’t like it or DNF it if she’s bored with it. She ain’t got time for books that aren’t – well – worth her time.

And I think we all have a book/series we love like she loves Shatter Me


Time for me to flail again because I met Regan! She’s so nice and she’s one of the very first BookTubers I ever watched! She’s a big high fantasy fan and has great recommendations and is all-around an wonderful person. She’s a perfectionist so her videos are always the best of quality.

You could even just watch her videos for her adorable pug, Matilda

That Bookie

I’ve been watching Julia’s videos since I began my own channel. She was one of my first subscribers and I loved seeing her channel grow over time. She also has her own etsy shop and now has her own book box! She also has a blog here. She’s honestly just such a nice and genuine person who has recommended such great books on her channel.

Hailey In Bookland

Hailey is a Canadian BookTuber that I’ve been watching for a while as well (since she was HailsHeartsNYC). She is such a hard-worker and is so consistent with uploading her videos. She has a great personality and is obsessed with Alice in Wonderland (she has multiple videos showing her collection of Alice stuff).

Naya Reads And Smiles

Naya is the most upbeat BookTuber out there. She’s always so full of energy and I’m so happy I got the chance to meet her because then I probably wouldn’t have known about her channel. If you’re ever in a bad mood, watch her videos cause her smile is infectious.


I hope this post either helped you if you’re trying to start your own channel or found some new channels to watch! Let me know if you watch any of the channels I mentioned or some things you like or dislike in a channel!

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13 thoughts on “What Makes a Good BookTube Channel // & Some Favorite Channels of Mine

  1. I agree so much with everything you said about Booktubing! Good lighting is EVERYTHING (like what are you DOING sitting there in the dark :P) and I love when someone has original content because only posting TBRs, Wrap Ups etc can get boring sometimes! Reagan and Whitney are definitely my all time favourite Booktubers! They’re both so charismatic and funny! And OMG it’s so cool that you live so close to Whitney!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lighting is truly the key to a good video haha 😀 I’m glad I’m not the only one that gets bored with tbrs and wrap ups. Yay! Glad you like Regan and Whitney too! They’re both awesome

      Liked by 1 person

  2. WOW TEN MINUTES FROM YOUR HOUSE THAT’S AWESOME! I don’t watch a lot of BookTube (I procrastinate so much already) but if I ever do — I’ll be sure to start with those BookTubers (and of course you!). I feel like a lot of these tips could apply to blogging as well, especially about being honest and interacting with your followers! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cool post. I have a booktube channel, yet i haven’t got more then 20 view per video. I’m looking for ways to improve the quality of my videos and get them out there, so thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Mine is called Bookbuster. I’ve made nearly ten videos so far. The most views I received so far was 150 which is pretty cool. I feel like since there are so many booktubers/authortubers it’s difficult to get views, yet it is fun, so I just create the videos for my own enjoyment until I reach the big leagues haha.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Great post and really helpful tips! I also like to watch Regan’s channel, she’s one of my favorite BookTuber. Your channel is also amazing, I’m always looking forward to see new videos of yours 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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