777 Challenge (or, snippets from my wip)

I got tagged by Kat from Life and Other Disasters to do this tag!

This tag is a really easy and simple one to do and it fits in with Camp NaNo and all that so I decided that I’d do it real quick. 

All I have to do is show you seven random sentences from the seventh page of my work in progress!

1) I was being a complete jerk by telling him to get lost, but this feeling of someone actually wanting to help me was unfamiliar and I wasn’t sure what to think about it.

2) He obviously cared about my well-being for some odd reason that I couldn’t quite comprehend.

3) This boy is either playing dumb or is actually a lot dimmer than I originally thought.

4) “I don’t wear eyeliner,” He replies.

5) “Don’t flatter yourself too much.” The boy said, a bit of sass in his tone that I didn’t know he was capable of.

6) “With your entire emo look going on, you’ve got to know who MCR is.”

7) I know he tries to hide it but he doesn’t do a very good job doing so.

Y’all are probably so confused haha. I won’t give any explanations, but feel free to try and guess what’s happening!

I Tag:

Lia @ Lost In A Story

Joel @ Fictional Fates

Anybody else who’d like to do it!

16 thoughts on “777 Challenge (or, snippets from my wip)

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    • thebookprophet

      If you read some of my other posts concerning camp nanowrimo (and i also have one specifically about the book I’m writing) you’ll learn some more about it (and there are more snippets!) 🙂


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    • thebookprophet

      Haha page seven is a weird one for me because it doesn’t make much sense unless you read the entire conversation. Thanks, glad you like my lines 🙂

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