Monthly Spotlight: May

Hello everybody! As you all know I decided to stop doing monthly wrap ups. This is just because it takes me forever to compose those posts and I honestly don’t enjoy writing them so I decided to stop making them. 

If you still want to know what books I have read every month as well as my TBRs, I have a BookTube channel where I make monthly wrap ups and TBRs. Making those and writing posts about the same thing felt repetitive to me so I decided to stop it for that reason as well.

Instead I will be doing a new thing called ‘Monthly Spotlight’ where I talk about my favorite thing in different categories such as books (obviously!), TV shows, and just spotlights in my life that I would like to share such as my current mental thoughts that I found I had a lot that month and maybe some things that might be coming up in the next month!

I hope you end up enjoying these posts! They’re not too different from the monthly wrap-ups but they’re also much easier for me to write and a lot more fun as well!


Also, like my divider? I’ll probably be changing it up every now and again until I get it just right but this is just a temporary one.


It’s only fitting for books to be the first one here. I read about seven books this month which I am really proud of because I haven’t read that many books in a month in a long time. I enjoyed all the books a lot but if I had to pick a favorite it would have to be The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. I don’t have a review up for it yet but I will be writing a review here on my blog and there will be a video review up on my channel.


I posted a post every day of the month for the first 10 days which is insane! I wasn’t trying to do that but it just kind of happened. I did let it take over other things that I should’ve been doing instead. I really need to start putting the blog to the side and stop constantly holding it’s hand because if I leave this blog alone for a day or two without visiting it, it’ll still be here!

I think I have attachment issues. I need to die down a bit and start prioritizing other things over this. I don’t want this to sound like I’m giving up on blogging or that blogging isn’t important to me because it is. I’ve just made it out to be more important than other things even though it isn’t, if that makes any sense.

I’m someone who for some reason thinks that nobody will like my blog anymore and will unfollow me if I don’t post every other day. It’s an issue I need to work through and iron out the wrinkles in. I know that none of y’all would judge me if I did post only about two times a week or even one – we are all human after all, and we all have lives outside of blogging (or some of us do). I just need to get that idea out of my head and focus my time and energy on my schooling because I’m in 11th grade and this is a crucial time for me. I’ve abandoned my schoolwork for blogging way too many times and now it’s time for me to become more serious about my schooling because I will be heading to University sometime in the next few years.

My BookTube:

My channel has been doing really good this past month! I’ve been told that I have become more confident in front of the camera by some of the people that watch my videos which is great to hear and I’ve also surpassed 100 subscribers! I’m currently standing at 138 subs and I am really proud of that number.

I also started using my sister’s camera to film videos so that I have better picture quality. The sound is better as well and it’s much easier to set up as compared to my old set up.

BookTube and Blogger Favorites:

I would just like to shout-out a BookTuber and Blogger that I found this month and wanted to tell y’all about.

Firstly, the BookTuber I’d like to talk about is Kelsey from Kelsey Lee Reads. I found her channel from a videoathon I took part in in May called 7 Days of Summer and I have really enjoyed her videos so far!

The Book Blogger who I would like to give a little shout-out since I have really been liking her posts is Liliana N Bookish, who started writing a series of K-POP posts for newbies that I’ve really been enjoying. I have been interested in listening to K-POP for a while now but I never knew where to start but she’s taught me a lot about it so far and I’m very excited to dive into this genre of music.


My Planner:

I decided that I would start a planner so that I can try and become more organized. I’ll probably keep an update every so often on my Instagram story (my Instagram is thebookprophet by the way).

My Journal:


This and the planner probably could’ve gone under the same section but oh well. I have a journal if you don’t already know and I’ve had it since Christmas 2015, but only recently in the past few months have I been writing in it almost every day. I’ve also become more creative with it and I’ve taped some stuff in it and started writing in markers too and it helps me if I need to clear my thoughts. If you are interested in journaling I would suggest watching WhittyNovel‘s journaling videos!

My Writing:

I’ve written next to nothing this month which is quite disappointing, but I would like to start working on organizing my story and plot a bit more in June in prep for July, which is another Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m taking part again and this time I’m going to try and make it to 25,000 words since I only made it just below the halfway point in April.


TV Shows:

The only thing I have been watching TV show-wise is K-Dramas. If you haven’t read my post on how I’m obsessed with K-Dramas, you should if you want to read my fangirling. Since my new obsession started towards the beginning of May I have watched one K-Drama and one J-Drama, and I am currently about 60% done with another K-Drama. I also post little clips of some of my favorite moments in the K-Dramas I watch on my Instagram stories. I think I probably annoy some people who follow me and see that all the time but I can’t help but share my thoughts on certain moments.

Besides K-Dramas, I did start watching Riverdale, but I only watched the first episode before I found the current K-Drama I’m watching and have been glued to that ever since. I have no regrets.


I’m not a big movie person but I did watch Zootopia in May on Netflix and I ended up really enjoying it! I thought it was so cute and fluffy (haha, get it?) and it uplifted my mood.



I’m not someone that listens to a lot of music, but I did listen to Harry Style’s new solo album and surprisingly really enjoyed it! I think I liked it so much because this was inspired by Classic Rock and Elton John which is my favorite kind of music. It’s also perfect to listen to when you’re journaling or just need to concentrate on something that doesn’t require much thought.


So that was it for this post! Categories will sometimes be switched out for newer ones and some may not be on some posts just if there’s nothing notable I have to talk about within that category.

Please let me know if you liked this post! I always love seeing y’all’s input! Thanks for reading!


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3 thoughts on “Monthly Spotlight: May

  1. Congrats on 100+ Youtube subscribers! I didn’t know you had a channel but I’ll definitely subscribe to it now! And I’ve been meaning to watch Zootopia for so long! It looks like such a cute movie! And YAYYYY, I’m happy to hear that you liked Harry’s new album! I love the whole classic rock/80’s vibe!

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