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G’day everyone! Apparently I’m Aussie now *shrugs* Today I have a tag to do! This tag is a really interesting one so I decided that I’d do it. I was tagged by Chris from Read By Chris, so let’s just get started cause this is a longer one!

Name: Savannah

Nicknames: My dad is the only one that really gives me nicknames and they usually differ between Shorty and Shorty Smalls. My mom calls me honey, and sometimes babydoll.

Birthday: July 4th

Star Sign: Cancer

Occupation: Student, Blogger, BookTuber, Your Everyday Dweeb


Hair Color: Brown. Exciting, right?

Hair Length: About armpit-length.

Eye Color: Hazel. I love my eyes, I think they’re my best quality, besides my personality, of course.

Best Feature: My eyes, like I just said. Sometimes they’re really green and sometimes they’re really blue, and sometimes they’re a perfect mix between the two.


Braces: I used to have braces but got them off… this year? I think it was this year, or sometime late last year, I honestly can’t remember. I had them for 2 years.

Piercings: Just the regular earlobe ones.

Tattoos: I don’t have any because a) it’d be illegal if I had since I’m too young and b) I don’t have all that much interest in getting any yet and c) I’m flippin’ terrified! I don’t even like getting flu shots!

Right or Left: Right handed, so right.


Holiday: Well, I was born on a holiday here in the U.S. Does that count?

Best Friend: I think my best friend was someone who I either lived close to or went to school with… I’m unsure which one it was… I have terrible memory of when I was younger.

Award: I’ve won little ribbon award thingies at an orchestra concert in middle school for my cello-playing skills. Probably not my first award, but oh well.

Sport: I took the stereotypical ballet and then quit and then took karate and then decided to quit right after I got my yellow belt. *Shrugs* I guess sports aren’t for me. Oh! I also did soccer a loooong time ago and basketball. I tried to be sporty, at least. Not sure which one came first.

Concert: Jonas Brothers! Oh. My. God. My sister and I were such fangirls over the Jonas Brothers, you have no idea!



TV Shows: Supernatural, Sherlock, Gilmore Girls, The Flash, Daredevil, The Walking Dead, umm… that’s it for now.

Color: Green, forever and always.

Song: At the moment I love Castle on the hill by Ed Sheeran.

Restaurant: There’s this Tex-Mex place around 20-30 minutes from our house and it’s so good! They make guacamole in front of you and their quesadillas are to die for! There’s also this other place by our house that my family sometimes eat breakfast at and they make the most perfect homestyle southern breakfast you could ask for! Their biscuits are the best biscuits you’ll ever have! Now I’m hungry 😦


Shop: Barnes & Noble, duh! I also like Hot Topic cause fandom merch!

Books: Haha, next question.

Shoes: Flip Flops, honestly. That’s what I wear every day all day unless I leave the house.


Feeling: Kinda sweaty (Texas summers are up and coming) and hungry ever since writing about biscuits and gravy (but I got a snack so yay!)

Single or Taken: Single forever and always.


Eating: Ritz Crackers. Told ya I got a snack.

Thinking About: Biscuits and gravy (still!)

Watching: Um… I finished 13 Reasons Why on Netflix last night if that counts? I don’t watch Netflix that much anymore. I’ve also been watching Death Note, but not all that much.

Wearing: T-shirt and shorts. So interesting.


Want Children: One day it’d be nice. I don’t know if I’d actually be able to go through the process of being pregnant. Maybe I’ll adopt.

Want to be married: One day if I find the right person then yeah, sure. It’d have to be a castle wedding, though! If I’m getting married, I’ll do it like royalty. Not anything too fancy, though! I’m not someone who wants to spend a fortune on her wedding.


Careers in mind: Writer, obviously! Or bookstore owner. Or, better yet, both!

Where you want to live: I want to live above my bookstore in a smaller town where I can walk everywhere. It doesn’t have to be really small, though, because I do want business and I do want to be able to have a lot of choices of things to do.

Do you believe in:

God: Nope.

Miracles: Nope.

Love at first sight: Nope.

Ghosts: Nope. Although, I am sorta freaked out when I hear a ghost story, even though I don’t believe in them.

Aliens: It’s possible. Are they little green men? I highly doubt it.

Soulmates: Well I do believe that some people are just meant to be together, platonic-ally or not. Like best friend soulmates, where they spend their entire lives with each other because they just fit perfectly with one another. When two people just click it could be called soulmates. Not sure what your definition is, but that’s mine.


Heaven: It would be irrational if I didn’t believe in God but then believed in Heaven, so nope.

Hell: Nope.

Kissing on the first date: Whatever floats your boat, mate. I won’t judge.

Yourself: Ah, shucks, sure! I don’t want to be a bad spirit and say no, now do I?

I Tag:

A Booknerd Reads

Kingdom Book Blog

Little Fantasy Land

And whoever else wants to do it! You also don’t have to do this tag if you don’t want!


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6 thoughts on “Get To Know Me Tag

  1. OMG. YOU LIVE IN TEXAS TOO??? *fangirls* FELLOW TEXAN BLOGGER I AM HERE. AND LET US FIGHT AGAINST THE STEREOTYPES THAT HAUNT US ALL. (Unless you’re not from Texas… in which case… *awkward*) And aghaghhag Barnes and Noble is awesome. Though I wish the books cost less. *cries* NO IT SHOULD BE “single forever and EVERLY” not “single forever and ALWAYS”. As well as “green”. XD

    I’ll probably end up doing this tag soon because my people need to know more about me. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol don’t worry I’m actually from Texas. I’m Texan through-and-through! Yeah B&N is expensive but they’re cheaper online! Lol that should be your blog name Single Forever and Everly, or your book’s name lol. You definitely should do this tag! I didn’t know you were from Texas either!

      Liked by 1 person

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