Writing Prophecies: An Introduction to a Little Idea of Mine

Hello lovely people! If you’re a frequent reader on my blog and you’ve read my post simply titled ‘Changes‘ then you would know that I’ve decided to put out more original posts for y’all. One idea of mine you guys seemed to like a lot is posts about writing. Loads of us aspire to be novelists in the future – me included – and I don’t know about you but when a blog I follow puts out posts about writing I squeal with joy because I love reading them!

These posts about writing will be scattered and all over the place, but I will try and keep them as uniform as I possibly can. I’m not an expert by any means, but I do have tips and I think it would be nice for all of us fellow writers/bloggers/book-lovers to support each other morally when it comes to our true passions. And when that passion is something as difficult and mind-numbing as writing a freaking book, we need all the moral support we can get!


Camp NaNoWriMo has ended *cried eternally* so I thought that writing – well – writing posts would keep me (and hopefully some of you) inspired to push through and keep on writing. Great idea, right? I hope you think so!

The title is still in the workings (unless you like it, of course) and since my blog name is known as The Book Prophet (which isn’t religion-related, I got the idea from Supernatural *gasps are heard all around*) and Prophets are known for, well, writing prophecies and this little idea of mine chronicles my journey (and yours!) as we all navigate our way through the rough terrain of the world of writing.

To be honest, Writing Prophecies or Reading Prophecies or Book Prophecies would probably be a better name for my blog… Oh my god, existential crisis time *hides in a corner*

Anyway, before I veer off-course I would like to give y’all the basics of what I’ll be writing about and how it can help not only me, but you as well!

  • How to get ideas from ordinary every-day things
  • How to stop doubting yourself and just WRITE
  • Tips to stop procrastinating from writing
  • How to get the words flowing
  • How to AVOID writer’s block
  • How to get an idea for a book and how you know it’s THE idea
  • A survival guide to drafting
  • A survival guide to outlining characters and your story
  • Why it’s okay to stray away from outlining

And more to come…. (hopefully)

These are just ideas I literally just came up with on the spot so I might write some of these and I might end up not writing some of these. If y’all would let me know what posts you’re most interested in that would be extremely helpful!



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12 thoughts on “Writing Prophecies: An Introduction to a Little Idea of Mine

  1. Omg I’m super excited for these posts! What am I talking about I’M SUUUUPEEEEER EXCITED FOR THESE POSTS!!! Writing posts are awesome, I agree. And haha, I use a lot of Supernatural gifs but never watched the show??? Fake fan??? I’m just saying that it’s a tribute to my Supernatural trash friend. XD

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    1. I’m happy you’re so excited or, well, SUPER EXCITED!!!! for these posts! I love writing posts as well. Supernatural is my jam!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your input and I’m happy you like my ideas 🙂 I’ve struggled with self doubt a lot and have only recently been able to overcome it more

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  2. I’m currently working on with a book of my own and it would be really helpful if you wrote how to avoid writer’s block. It’s just so frustrating that sometimes I have like a month long pause from writing, even though I would like to continue writing the the book. It’s like reading slump but worse… (:

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    1. For about 6 months I wrote not a single word in my book so I know how it feels. I want to do everything in my power to help those experiencing it as well

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  3. I love all these ideas!! Go write them please so I can read your posts 😛
    I didn’t know that about your blog name, but that’s pretty awesome! I really like that it’s a supernatural reference 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! I’m glad you like the ideas! When I started my blog I was 24/7 obsessed with Supernatural so I wanted to make my blog name a reference to that without it being too noticeable.

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