Hey everyone! Today I will be talking to you guys about some changes I’ll be making to my blog. As I have already changed the look of my blog again recently, it won’t be anything like that (this theme is here to stay… for now).

Instead, I have decided to change and add some more unique and original posts. I’ve also decided to stop doing monthly wrap ups. I know a lot of people seem to enjoy them but they just take me forever to write and it honestly doesn’t make me want to write any other blog posts after that. It’s bittersweet, but I just don’t feel like doing them anymore.

Instead of monthly wrap ups, how would y’all like weekly wrap ups? Let me know what you think!

As for posts that I’d like to do, here are a few of my ideas:

  • Discussions. I love discussion posts and although I love writing them it’s hard for me to come up with topics to discuss. I’ll be writing hopefully loads more in the future and I would really appreciate it if you could leave a comment with some topics you’d like to see me talk about in discussion posts.
  • Writing. I’m a writer (or at least I try to be) and I’ve started writing a new book for Camp NaNoWriMo and now that Camp has ended and I haven’t met my writing goal for that, I’m still going to write as often as I can because I love these characters I’ve created and I want to do monthly writing updates. These updates would just be me talking about my current writing project whether it be my book or just little short stories, etc. Whatever I wrote that month, I’ll talk about and I’ll include my goals and whether I’ve met them or not as well as snippets of some of my writing.
  • Unpopular opinions. I don’t know why but I like voicing about unpopular opinions and hearing what others have to say about unpopular opinions. These posts won’t just be book-related but they’ll do with anything from TV shows to movies to even the weather (okay, maybe not the weather, but you get the gist). I don’t know how often I’d do this but I’m thinking once a month? I really don’t know about this one, but these ideas are still in the works.
  • Monthly Spotlight. At the end of the month I would pick things such as books, TV shows, movies, etc. and pick what I’ve loved the most from each category for that month.
  • Original Meme. I’ve been thinking about making my own weekly meme for a while I just need to get the inspiration to make one! I was thinking something to do with writing because I’ve only seen book ones, specifically for books people have read, not what writers deal with.

So that’s all I’ve got for y’all! I just wanted to write this little post to inform you that I’ll be changing a few things. I don’t want to get bored with the posts that I make and I certainly don’t want y’all to get bored when I post something. Don’t be shy and let me know your honest opinions on all of these ideas!


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16 thoughts on “Changes

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  2. Lia

    I really like the idea of doing a monthly spotlight! And weekly wrap-ups! Actually, I love all of your ideas! I look forward to reading your future posts!

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  3. I think you’ve got some great ideas to change up your blog. I think blogging should be all about what motivates us the most, otherwise -what’s the fun in it? I’ve been debating using my blog lately for writing-related posts as now that I’m graduating from college I’m going to diving into more frequently too. Can’t wait to read your new posts!

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  4. I think all the ideas you mentioned are great, I really like reading all of them. I’m not quite sure about weekly wrap-up’s… Week is a pretty short period so sometimes there’s probably nothing to tell about. I would propose that you do a wrap-up every other week, it’s a bit longer time period but not as long as a month (; Is there still going to be monthly TBR posts?

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