Stranger Things: Season 1, Episode 2- Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple Street REVIEW

***There will be spoilers for this episode in this review!***

A few days after watching the first episode of Stranger Things, I decided that I’d watch the second episode. This review is long over-due, but I’ll express my thoughts on this episode just as I promised. If you haven’t already, check out my review for the first episode here.

I thought this episode was a wonderful second episode. The first episode ended with the group of boys finding Eleven in the rain, and the second episode starts off with Eleven and the boys. The boys are talking frantically, trying to figure out what to do with her. If they should turn her in, tell their parents, etc. They eventually decide to keep her hidden in the basement of Mike’s house until they figure out who she is and what to do with her.

Also going on in this episode is Mike’s sister, Nancy, being invited to a party by her crush. Her friend tells her not to go, because she’s smart like that. Barb is great, people. She’s probably my spirit animal at this point. So Nancy and Barb end up going to the party, where they’re the only ones there with Nancy’s crush and his friends. I watched this episode a few weeks ago, so I don’t remember everything exactly right so excuse errors. Anyway, Nancy tells Barb that she’ll be careful and all that, that there’s nothing to worry about. Barb is still unsure. And then Nancy gets offered a beer – and that’s when things start going a bit downhill. Nancy downs the beer and whenever Barb tries to open it, she cuts her hand. She goes to the bathroom to clean up and when she comes back everyone is in the pool swimming and having a great, drunk time.

Once they’re done in the pool, Nancy’s crush (I always forget his name) tells her she could borrow a pair of clothes… that’s when Barb tells her to be careful, that they should just leave. Nancy, of course, doesn’t listen. All the hope and respect I had for Nancy in the first episode was basically thrown out of the window when she left Barb by herself to give herself up to a guy. I mean really, who thought he was only going to give her a change of clothes? Meanwhile, Barb is sitting on the edge of the pool, contemplating probably her entire friendship with Nancy, and a drop of her blood falls into the pool. Before you know it, a monster – the Demogorgon no doubt – takes her.


Also, throughout all of this, Will (the missing kid)’s brother is taking pictures from a bush like the little wallflower-stalker he is. But really, I’ve liked his character so far, and he’s only observing. I mean, they were being loud. So this guy was taking pictures every few seconds and then he runs out of room on his camera, so he changes out the film with a new roll right when Barb is taken.

Then, back with the group of kids. Mike and his friends are still trying to figure out who Eleven is. Mike is able to get Eleven to talk, and we even get to see some little flashbacks from Eleven’s past. She’s in this old hospital-asylum-like place and is being locked up by force. This is no doubt because of her abilities. Or because they gave her these abilities, I’m not exactly sure. Eleven sees a picture of Will on Mike’s desk and says that she recognizes him, which brings up more questions than it answers. Unless, of course, she saw him at the hospital-like place she was at before. That’s a theory of mine. I won’t go into much depth about that because I honestly don’t remember the specifics of this episode. I was in such a writing slump when I watched this episode (a month or so ago) so my future reviews will be much more organized.

Will’s mother and brother have an interesting story in this episode. Aside from stalking people with his camera – still not judging here, they were loud – Will’s brother also paid a visit to his father and had an encounter with the Demogorgon. His mom had a freaky encounter as well, but when she was going to leave her house, she instead turned back and it was seriously so awesome. She’s definitely one of my favorite fictional moms, up there with Mrs. Weasley.


I won’t mention anything else because I can’t remember any more specifics about this episode, but it was just about as good as the first episode. I’m so happy I finally got to writing this review because now I can watch the third episode! I’m also surprised I haven’t seen any spoilers, so that’s good as well.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on this episode and my review in the comments. Just no spoilers for future episodes please! I want to be left in the dark until I watch it.


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