Hype or Like Friday: Favorite Fictional Friendships

Hello wonderful readers! Today is Friday, which means it’s time for Hype or Like Friday. If you don’t already know, Hype or Like Friday is a Goodreads group created by Jill @ Rant and Rave About Books, Britt @ Geronimo Reads, and Larkin @ Wonderfilled Reads. You can check out the Goodreads group by clicking the description below.

“A weekly meme created by three book bloggers after sharing their opinions about overly hyped books. Each week we’ll discuss everything from fantasy to contemporary, as long as it’s a hyped book everyone’s been talking about. This is a group created by book bloggers for book bloggers, booktubers, bookstagramers, etc. Whatever method you use to review books you are welcome to join.”

This week’s topic is my favorite fictional friendships. I love this topic because usually we talk about romantic couples, but now we get the chance to talk about platonic relationships and I’m excited about that. Especially since I have a new favorite from the BOTM for this month. As per usual, I’ll be mentioning my top 5 favorites, and they’re not in any particular order.


  • Answer the weekly discussion topic.
  • Optional: Discuss your chosen hyped book of the week.
  • Optional: Talk about your progress on the BOTM.

The Raven Boys from The Raven Cycle


Gansey, Ronan, Adam, and Noah are four boys who make up the ‘group’ known The Raven Boys. They’re each unique individuals but they clash so well together. They of course have their feuds like all bros do, but in the end, they’d die for one another without blinking an eye. That shows true friendship.

The Golden Trio from Harry Potter


No list mentioning the best fictional friends would be complete without The Golden Trio. They’ve been through so much together and they have never lost hope in one another. That’s true friendship.

Scorpius and Albus from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


Despite being one of my favorite ships, Albus and Scorpius have such a wonderful friendship. Basically the entire world was against them being friends, but they still ended up sticking next to each other until the very end. Even when their parents tried to separate them or when Voldemort’s (SPOILER) daughter wiggled her way into their lives, they still stuck together and were able to become even closer. Whether you ship them or not, you can’t deny their wonderful friendship.

The Mighty Gladers from The Maze Runner


I actually didn’t know they had a proper group name, but apparently they do. Thomas, Newt, and Minho from The Maze Runner series are a determined group of guys who all have the same objective and the same amount of determination and drive to figure out what’s happening and why it’s happening. Ever since Thomas arrived in The Glade, Newt and Minho have done nothing but support Thomas and kept him alive, until Thomas returned the favor.

Safiya and Iseult from Truthwitch


Safi and Iz (as they call each other) are Threadsisters, which means they’re basically sisters from another mister. They’re best friends who have been with each other for about 6 years, I believe, fighting and surviving in the harsh world they live in. Safi has a power she can’t let anybody find out about, while Iz is a Nomatsi (if I remember correctly) and is hated because of her skin color. They’re friendship is so deep and they are probably my favorite female duo in a novel ever. I really want to draw some fan art of them fighting bad guys (because there is literally none) but I am not very good at drawing.

Truthwitch was the book of the month for this month and although the first 100 pages were a bit slow for me, I got sucked in and flew through the rest of the novel. I’m so excited to write my review for this book because there is so much I have to say about it.

Have you read Truthwitch? If so, did you like it or hype it? Let me know in the comments below, as well as your favorite fictional friendships!


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9 thoughts on “Hype or Like Friday: Favorite Fictional Friendships

  1. Love some of your choices! I still need to read The Raven Boys so I can finally find out what all of that hype is about. I love that it’s based around a group of friends!

    And yes, Safi and Iseult are my ultimate kickass female besties! I love them so much!

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