The Sound of the Flawed

The Sound of the Flawed


As I sit,

On this sharp pointy rock,

I think,

What if I jumped,

And fell like a deity,

Would I die?

Would I cry?

Would I scream my goodbyes?

Yet I sit,

I sit on this sharp pointy rock,

And I listen,

To the gently rolling waves,

To the wind blowing my hair,

To the birds squawking on the bay,

And I think,

Why would I give up such a beautiful thing?

Sounds and voices,

Cars and noises,

The singing of the Gods may be fine,

But the sounds of the living,

Of the breathing,

Of the flawed and mortal,

The humans we are,

Flawed and perishable,

Yet strong and immortal,

There’s nothing as rich,

As the sound of the flawed,

Of the living and the breathing,

Of the beautiful yet despicable,

Of the mortals we are,

Our many sounds,

Our many tunes,

Our everyday note,

Like a clarinet without holes,

We are all imperfect,

But we’re perfect all the same,

As a long,

Out of tune note.

via Daily Prompt: Sound

So there was my poem for today, following the daily prompt ‘Sound’. I like this poem better than the last one. Let me know what you thought about it! I love to hear y’all’s input. Thank you for reading!


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