When Will This End?

When Will This End?


You walk past me down the hall,

You follow me on my walk home,

You banter and condemn,

I thought you were my friend,

It turns out that I cry,

Just like the rest of them,

Who would’ve known?

If you attack and denigrate,

Enough I may break,

Well that’s what you want,

Isn’t it?

You’re the criticism,

That makes me,

Criticize myself,

I would just like to know,

When will this all end?

via Daily Prompt: Criticize

Gosh I hope this was good. I’ve been seeing people around writing things based on a daily prompt and I thought that would be a cool thing to do. It’ll definitely allow me to hone my writing skills when I don’t feel like working on something as daunting as my novel.

Please let me know what y’all think! I probably won’t write a poem for all of these prompts, but for this prompt, poetry seemed like the right format for me to write in. Thank you all for reading!


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