T5W: My Favorite Polarizing Books

It’s Wednesday! This means it’s time for Top 5 Wednesday, a weekly meme created by Lainey @ Ginger Reads Lainey and now hosted by Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes. You can check out and join the Goodreads group here.

This week’s T5W topic is my favorite polarizing books. These are books that people either tend to love or hate, with no in between. I think I’m going to have a difficult time with this one… but it’s an interesting topic nonetheless.

  • We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. I read this book in literally 3 hours, and when a book that had an ending like this one did, there will be split opinions everywhere. It’s just natural. Although I have my problems with this book, it kept me reading for 3 straight hours and I literally couldn’t physically put it down until I had finished it.
  • Me Before You by JoJo Moyes. There was controversy here because a character wanted to commit an assisted suicide. JoJo Moyes had to deal with a very sensitive subject here and although I think she did so with brilliance and expertise, other people think that the people who suffer the same as Will did weren’t given the correct representation.
  • The Heir by Kiera Cass. With this book, people either loved or hated it because it’s technically a spin-off of the original Selection series, since it’s in the perspective of America’s daughter, 20 years after the events of The Selection. Some people thought that the series should’ve just stopped, yet others loved the expansion Cass gave them by writing this book, as well as The Crown. I didn’t love these two books following Eadlyn as much as I did with the original ones following America, but I did still find them to be enjoyable reads.
  • Splintered by A.G. Howard. With a retelling such as Splintered, there will always be people who love the original and there’s almost nothing that can keep them from saying things such as “It’s too close to the original!” or “It’s way too different than the original!” so there are people who either love it for what it is, a new spin on Alice in Wonderland, and then others who don’t like it because it has strayed too far from Lewis Carroll’s works. I’m not all that familiar with Alice in Wonderland, which may be why I loved it so much, because I don’t know what was changed and whatnot, but I thought the book was beautifully written and I’m excited to read the sequel (which I have on my shelves, just haven’t gotten to yet).
  • The Maze Runner by James Dashner. Some people call this book a copy-cat of The Hunger Games. This makes me roll my eyes because they are literally nothing alike, besides being in the same genre. I mean seriously, it’s so hard to make Dystopias that aren’t alike, yet Dashner was able to do that. Others call the book boring and the characters 2D, and although it can be slow and all that, I still love this series.

What are some of your favorite polarizing books? Do you have some of the same answers as me? Let me know in the comments below!


11 thoughts on “T5W: My Favorite Polarizing Books

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  2. Whitney

    I agree with The Maze Runner – I loved the series and don’t believe they are anything like the Hunger Games. After I finished We Were Liars, I had mixed feelings – it took me some time to process everything, but overall it’s a really good book!

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