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Hello everybody! Today I am pleased to announce that my second post in the Corrupt Me Blog Tour by Jillian Quinn is an Author Interview! I had some questions for Jill about her novel, which was released yesterday, and she answered.

Not only is Jill a new author, but she’s also one of my book blogger friends. Her blog is Rant and Rave About Books, and she has wonderful and honest reviews about books that she’s read on there as well.


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1. What romance novels inspired you to write Corrupt Me? 

A romance novel did not inspire Corrupt Me, but I was inspired by Mafia movies as well as the novel and the movie, The Godfather. I was having one of my Mafia movie binge days, switching from the movie Goodfellas to The Godfather, both of which are my favorite movies of all time, and I started to think about the relationships between both Karen and Henry in Goodfellas as well as Michael and Kay in The Godfather.

2. What are some romance novel pet peeves of yours?

Female characters without a backbone are very common in romance novels, and as a strong female, I do not appreciate reading about a weak heroine who allows the man to walk all over her, only to take him back without another thought.

3. What were a few inspirations for your main characters?

In Goodfellas, Karen was strong and stood up to Henry, and I always respected her for that, where Kay backed down to Michael in The Godfather and let him control her and the kids until she finally had the nerve to leave him. Izzie’s character was inspired by the portrayal of Karen Hill by Lorriane Bracco in Goodfellas.

4. If you had to choose one author to co-write a book with, who would it be and why? What would the book be about?

I would want to write a book with Jamie McGuire because I love her books and because her book, Beautiful Disaster, is what hooked me on new adult romance novels. I had never read one until Writers Digest mentioned her book in one of their newsletters, and I have been hooked on the genre ever since. I’d like to write a romance novel involving addiction with Jamie, if that were possible. She creates amazing characters with a lot of depth and addiction is something I would like to write more about someday.

5. Are there any other books that you’re currently working on? If so, what’re they about?

My next novel, Parker, is a hockey romance novel that is part of the Face-Off series. Parker comes out on February 14, 2017. I am also releasing Divine Powers, a fantasy romance novel about witches and magic on May 9, 2017. I’m also working on a companion novella for Corrupt Me that I am planning to give out for free to all of my newsletter subscribers as well as writing other books in the Philly Corruption and Face-Off series.

Thank you Jill for giving me this chance to ask you questions concerning your first novel, Corrupt Me. If you’re interested in Jill’s future work, check out her author website here. Happy reading!



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