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Hello everybody! So today I’ll be doing a tag. I haven’t been all that present on this blog and creating new content much lately, but I’m compiling a post that’ll explain it all to you guys, because I have some exciting news to share with you all.

That put aside, I was tagged by Bookfandom1001, who is also the creator. This tag is basically just advice on blogging to those that are thinking of starting a blog or are having trouble starting a blog.


How do you make time to blog?

I like to blog in the morning over my breakfast and cup of coffee, because it’s both not taking time away from important things such as school or chores, but I’m also not abandoning the most important meal of the day. But also, I try and take breaks throughout the day, since I do online school, and I just start a post or add a paragraph to a review I’ve been meaning to write for a while. Planning ahead of schedule and scheduling your posts helps a ton as well, especially if you know you’re going to be busy the upcoming week, you can pre-write a post for each day of the week and schedule them to post on their own on those certain days.

Do you regret blogging?

Uh-no! Why would I regret blogging? It’s a great way to meet new people who share the same interests as you do.

What are the best things about blogging?

I would probably have to say interacting with other bloggers and sharing my thoughts on books that I’ve read. I find it fun and enjoyable to see what other readers/bloggers think of books I’ve read, even if we don’t have the same opinions as one another.

What are the worst things about blogging?

The worst things about blogging would probably just be having the pressure to read more and write posts often. It’s helping me with my writing and communications skills, though, as well as helping me develop schedules, so that’s good.

What social media do you recommend creating before blogging?

Goodreads, for sure! It’s the perfect platform aside from blogging to meet other readers and to find out about new and upcoming books, as well as the best books in certain genres.

What do you do if you need help with your post or any future posts?

Well I never ask for help with posts because even if I’m stuck I always just figure it out myself, but I do ask you guys, my followers, what posts you’d like to read or things I should do. I think it’s important that bloggers write posts that not only they’ll enjoy, but that their followers will enjoy as well.

What is your best post?

I don’t know, but people seemed to enjoy my review of Passenger.

What is your worst post?

I’ll just go ahead and say my least-viewed and liked post, which was my first post on this blog, Fall Bookish Bingo.

How long will you blog for?

I’ll try and blog for my entire life. Yeah, that’s a long time, I know, but I’m planning on becoming a published author one day and possibly opening my own bookstore so book blogging sort of goes along with those things as well. You’re going to have to stick with me forever muhahahahaha!

And I’ll try and keep things interesting for those of you who are here for the long-haul.

I don’t tag anybody, mainly because I’m too lazy to do so, but also because if any of you guys who read and enjoyed this post would like to do it, feel free to do it. Leave a link to your post if you decide to do it so I can check it out!


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