Shadowhunters: Season 2, Episode 1- This Guilty Blood REVIEW

So before I write anything on this episode, I’d like to mention that I never got the chance to finish season 1 of Shadowhunters. The only place I could watch it was on the Freeform app or website and there were ads about every 5 minutes. The show wasn’t worth watching for all of the ads that there were, so I only made it about halfway through the season, and I didn’t find the show interesting enough to finish the season, so I just jumped right into season 2, since the trailers looked interesting enough. But it’s a good thing that there’s a ‘Previously on Shadowhunters’ at the beginning of the episode, so that I’m not confused. Fair warning, there are spoilers in this review for the premiere of season 2 of Shadowhunters.

The episode starts off with Jace on a ship of some sort with Valentine. And then Clary appears, and Jace fights with Valentine (with an awful song choice playing over the fight). The fight ends with Jace supposedly killing Valentine, and then he brings Clary down into the ship with him, where he fights (and kills) another Valentine. That’s when the ‘Valentine’ morphs into somebody else. And then Valentine’s minions start surrounding Jace and Clary, and Clary turns into Valentine (the real Valentine). It’s confusing to explain. Then blah blah blah, Jace gets captured again, and Valentine shows Jace that if he tries and escapes the ship he’ll turn into a burnt french fry.

Back at the Institute, Alec, Izzy, Clary, Magnus, and some blonde chick I know Alec was about to get married to, are hastily talking about what they’re going to do in order to get Jace back. Blah blah blah, Alec acts like a jerk, even when Magnus tries and comforts him, and it’s just a mess of parabatai hormones… is that what it’s called? Anyway, throughout this episode Alec and Magnus go through some stuff since Alec is going insane with Jace gone, his parabatai, his literal other half. Magnus tries to re-assure him that he’ll do everything in his power to get Jace back. And then, the S.S. Malec is sailing yet again *Hallelujah plays in the background*.

We also got to see vampire Simon. I was so excited for this! I hadn’t gotten to the part in season 1 where he was turned, so I hadn’t seen vampire Simon yet, but here he is and he’s awesome. I love how even though he’s a vampire he’s still just an awkward, nerdy guy. And it was just hilarious when he was saying hi to Jocelyn and all that and then his vampire fangs released. Jocelyn’s face was priceless.


I mean, having that guy become a vampire is probably both the best and worst idea Cassandra Clare has ever had. Oh who am I kidding? I love Simon as a vampire.

That aside, Simon stays in a boathouse beside Luke’s pack’s headquarters and then Clary comes to talk with him. Luke calls Jocelyn to let her know that they’re there, and then Jocelyn comes and takes both Clary’s stele and phone… and then locks them in the boathouse. Simon then works to get them out by using his vampire strength and hurtling himself into the door repeatedly. Clary tells him it’s no use, and then they have a conversation about how things have changed so fast, that there was once a time when their lives were normal and all that. In the middle of their conversation, the door falls to the ground and they’re free.

A few more things happen, but I don’t want to make this review a recap of the episode, so I’ll just summarize by saying that Valentine is forcing Jace to kill vampires and Clary and Simon find Jace, but not before Jocelyn, who shoots Valentine in the leg. She tries to shoot Jace, but Clary and Simon stop her.

Overall, this episode was okay. I’ll let you know my overall thoughts through a Pro and Con list below:



What were your thoughts on the season 2 premiere of Shadowhunters? Do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Shadowhunters: Season 2, Episode 1- This Guilty Blood REVIEW

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  2. Ugh… Don’t even get me started xD first of all I want to say that I agree with your pros and cons, you’ve definitely got it right. Where do I even begin… I read the first book and decided not to continue, but when the show appeared I was all for it and I actually kind of liked the show (Simon definitely plays a large part in me liking the show). But episode one season two…. I was down right disappointed to be honest, there’s not much more that I can say really. The acting wasn’t great and neither was the drama that was going on on multiple occasions while usually I like my drama to be overtly present. I hope this season will get better….

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