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Hello wonderful readers! The holidays are up and coming quickly, which means it’s time for some holiday-themed tags and book posts! The other day I purchased My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday Stories. I saw this book in Kroger for 25% off and I didn’t own it yet, and I never really read holiday-themed books around the holidays (weird, right?) so I bought it, and I am in the holiday mood. When I bought that book, I also noticed that Starbucks now has their seasonal holiday mugs/cups! I had bought a drink from Starbucks a few days prior and they didn’t have the cups yet, but then when I decided not to get a drink, the cups were out and looking beautiful! I’ve never gotten to hold one of those beautiful holiday cups before, so I cannot wait until the next time I get a Starbucks drink this holiday season. Not only that, but I’ve been drinking hot chocolate every day now. I’m not even joking, I have been doing this ever since I bought that book. I think that book has some sort of power, like a ‘spread holiday cheer’ power. That aside, I have a tag to do! Now let’s get on with it before I verge off topic.

I was tagged in this Winter Wonderland Tag by Debbie from Debbie’s Library. She just reached 50 followers and has a wonderful blog you should definitely check out! Now without farther ado, let’s get sledding! *Shakes head in embarrassment from my bad joke*

1. Do you like the cold?

I actually do like the cold. It seems like I’m the only person in my family who enjoys the wintertime. I don’t like cold winds blowing in my face though, because then I can’t breathe, but aside from that and not being able to get up in the morning for the fear that I’m going to freeze, I love the wintertime. Winter and the cold is such a good vacation from the regular hotness that is Texas.

2. Favorite part about winter?

My favorite part about winter would probably have to be Christmas! I mean who doesn’t love Christmas? Even the Grinch can’t help but sing a Christmas carol every once in a while. Also, the winter season is when all of my family gather and enjoy each other’s presence. A lot of my family lives in Kansas or Oklahoma so I don’t get to see them aside from the holiday season, and we just started having Christmas-time gatherings last year. It feels good to just sit and enjoy being with family.

3. Does it snow where you live?

I live in Texas. Hopefully that’ll answer the question for you. It’s not like we don’t have snow, but it doesn’t happen every year. And when it does happen, it doesn’t last very long and is wet and runny. I’ve never built a decent snowman in my life because of the sucky Texas snow. The picture below is the snowman that me and my sister built last year…. To be fair the snow was all under a thin layer of ice (that my small dog kept on falling through and slipping on) so me and my sister had to get the snow from under the ice and then bring it to the pile we had (the snowman). I bet if we were given some decent snow that actually stuck together, we could built a great snowman to make Frosty proud, but sadly that didn’t happen.


4. Favorite clothing item in winter?

SWEATERS! I only own one sweater that could be considered a ‘Christmas’ sweater (it’s a polar bear with a hat on) but I love it. I love sweaters so much and the only time I am able to wear them is in the winter. I also love warm beanies and hats, which I have an abundance in number, but haven’t had the chance to wear them because my head would literally start melting if I did.

5. Your favorite winter memory?

This is really hard, especially since I have the worst memory ever (when it comes to my own past, that is). This isn’t a specific one memory, but I love picking out presents for people and then wrapping them and putting them under the Christmas tree. I spend 2x more money on buying presents for other people during the wintertime and birthdays then I do on myself the entire year (books excluded obviously). I also love when I see the receiver of the gift genuinely like the thing  I bought them, because seeing them happy with what I got them makes me all warm inside. It’s just the best feeling in the world when you make somebody filled with joy because of something you did.

6. Favorite hot drink?

I love hot chocolate, but about a week ago I tried the Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Starbucks for the first time ever and fell in love (and being the clumsy person I am, I spilled the Latte on the kale me and my sister had just bought on the way to the car -_-). Next time I get a Starbucks drink, it’ll be the Peppermint Mocha Latte (or hot version, since I got the Frappacino and Iced version already). Coffee is always a win as well.

7.Best winter book to read curled up in a blanket?

Well, like I said earlier, I oddly don’t read winter-themed books during the wintertime. It’s strange, but true. Harry Potter is always a safe bet, though. I bet the new illustrated editions are even better to read during the winter, since you have visuals that make you feel like a kid reading a picture book. And also, even though I’ve never read it, The Polar Express is a beautiful book. I’ve seen this book at B&N during the holiday season every year and I love watching the movie, and the pictures and story just get you into the winter-holiday mood.

8. Best winter movie to watch?

I love the Home Alone movies. I never fail to watch them every year. I also notice something new every year, a result of me being a year older than the last time I’ve seen it. And also like I mentioned above, The Polar Express is always a good one, though there are a few moments that creep me out to the core (that man on the top of the train, the puppets, and Santa himself). Another blogger mentioned Love Actually in one of her holiday tags and I think it’s on Netflix so I’ll probably watch that for the first time this year since there are so many great actors and actresses in it.

9. Do you do any winter sports? (Skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating)

Well me and my family used to always go to this large mall in Dallas every time during the winter to get our Christmas shopping done (me and my sister would form a group and go off into our own stores while our parents went in a different direction) and there’s this huge ice skating rink in the middle of the mall and me and my sister would ice skate every time we went. It was so much fun and I would love to do that again some time since we haven’t gone in a good 5 years or so.

10. Favorite Christmas/Holiday/New Year tradition?

My family isn’t a traditional family who has any traditions like other families out there do, but like I mentioned earlier, we started just last year, inviting all of our family to our house a week or two before Christmas to have our own celebration. Each person brings a gift and then there are numbers in a hat, and everybody picks a number. Whoever got number one goes first and picks a gift from the pile of gifts and opens it. Then it keeps on going by whatever number people have. The thing is, somebody can choose to steal another person’s gift if they don’t like the one they have, so people end up with gifts that they either didn’t want or the best gift from the stack. We also did this at my aunt’s house two years ago, I believe, and we’re doing it again this year at my house.

Thank you so much for tagging me in this, Debbie, I really enjoyed answering these questions. I am in an even bigger holiday mood than I was before. Now I’ll just tag five bloggers below. If you’re tagged but don’t feel like doing it, that’s fine, you don’t have to.

I Tag:

Jill @ Rant and Rave About Books

Drew @ Tattooed Book Geek

Lena @ Bookfandom1001 (Please tell me I got your real name right)

Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks

Romana @ A Book Nerd

I hope y’all end up doing the tag and can’t wait to see your posts! Also, if you want to do this tag yourself and I didn’t tag you, feel free to do it and leave a comment linking to your post so I can check it out.



16 thoughts on “The Winter Wonderland Tag

  1. Thanks for the tag! I’m not doing them at the moment, but I’ll save if for when I start up again. I love reading Harry Potter in the winter with hot chocolate. I really miss the cold weather now that I’m in Florida. I want my cold weather back! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I’ve heard California and Florida have no snow like ever. Kind of killed the holiday mood for me when I lived in California.


  2. I love your answers! Reading your answers makes me feel warm inside (and I was already feeling warm, from writing my blogs for today, I can feel my cheeks burn :P) And I actually laughed at your joke in the beginning.
    I tried the gingerbread latte from Starbucks in London, but that one wasn’t really that great in my opinion, the ginger flavor is very strong and I liked it for the first half of the latte, but not the second half… If I come across a Starbucks I will try the Pumpkin Latte.
    And I love Home Alone as well! And normally I don’t read any holiday related books as well, but for this year I want to try it, I am waiting for Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A Christmas Carol is a classic and I am definitely going to read either that or Little Women next year for Christmas. I’m glad you liked my bad joke:) Maybe the Gingerbread Latte is best the hotter it is? Cause sometimes drinks aren’t as good when you get to the end because it cools a bit by then. That sort of happened with the Pumpkin Latte, but it was still great by the end.


        1. That’s weird that they re-casted the main kid. Haha I’ve never heard of them before. Are like they modern re-makes or is it one of those deals where Culkin wouldn’t come back for the last two movies so they just re-casted somebody, hoping nobody would notice?

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  3. Yeah You got my nickname right thanks for tagging me cant wait to do it you should try carmel latte it’s one of my favourite coffee I’ll have to try pumpkin spice latte you’re totally right coffee always wins.

    Liked by 1 person

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