Once Upon a Time: Season 6, Episode 8- I’ll Be Your Mirror REVIEW

So last night’s episode of Once Upon a Time was an interesting one that I actually enjoyed. I missed writing a review for the previous episode, Heartless, but that episode was kind of anti-climactic. This episode, however, had some great moments and was fun to watch as a whole. I like how Henry has been given a bigger role to play this season so far, and it seems like the actor is doing a better job at acting this season as well. His acting fell flat last season, so it’s nice to watch scenes with him that aren’t as cringe-worthy as before. The Evil Queen disguised herself as Regina in this episode, so Lana Parrilla had to play the Evil Queen acting like Regina, and I think she did it brilliantly. She basically played three different roles in this episode alone, which is no easy task. Jennifer Morrison (Emma) in this episode was as cringe-worthy as always. Honestly, I think Jared Gilmore (Henry)’s acting was better than Morrison’s in this episode.

Something I really enjoyed about this episode was the Snow/Charming montage in the beginning. It made me love their relationship dynamic more than I ever have. I always found them cheesy and all that but this was simple and sweet and thought it was well-done. At the end of Heartless, The Evil Queen cast a spell on Snow and Charming where one of them has to be asleep while the other is awake. I thought that was brilliant and wish I had thought of that myself. Since they literally share a heart, it makes sense as well. I love the little notes Charming and Snow left each other before waking the other up. It was really cute and showed just how much they love each other. Snow breaking down in tears before kissing Charming to wake him up was one of the saddest moments in the show. She was tired of not being able to talk to her husband and have an actual conversation with him and I give Ginnifer (Snow) props for the great acting lately. Josh (Charming) as well. They shown bright in this episode.

Belle and Rumple are still in the middle of a brawl. Rumple wants to use these shears on his son once he’s born so he won’t hate him…. um…. yeah. Belle, of course, doesn’t want that to happen. So she enlists the help of Zelena, who says that she needs the wand that Rumple took from her in order to help her. In order to get the wand from Rumple’s shop, Belle enlists the help of another person, Aladdin. *Cheers* I love Aladdin and I think the person who plays him in this show is a perfect casting, same with Jasmine. So Aladdin steals the wand (as well as the bottle that the Genie was originally in) and then Belle gives the wand to Zelena. Rumple figures out that Belle and Zelena are working together to plot against him, so he attacks Zelena, and him and Belle have a fight about how Belle would run to the end of the world to get away from him, to keep her son safe away from him. This was after he put a tracking cuff on her arm, BTW. He is turning into a true beast now and I am not liking it. I’m not liking it at all. I’m not sure if I have the strength left in me to want Belle and Rumple to rekindle. I actually think I’m starting to ship Belle and Killian, now that Emma has been difficult to even look at now. Her facial expressions are the worst, I mean seriously I could put together an entire blog post just about her bad facial expressions, but I won’t cause that would be mean.

Now back to Henry and the main story-arc of the episode. Regina and Emma are working together to try and get The Evil Queen trapped in a magic mirror, but the plan doesn’t work because The Evil Queen – being an actual part of Regina – had already thought of the idea first, and placed a fake magic mirror instead of the real one. This gets Regina and Emma trapped in the world behind the mirror, which we finally get to see. I was hoping Sidney Glass would’ve showed up, but honestly I forgot what even happened to him. Instead, our heroes are met with The Dragon, who Emma and Regina were planning on going to find in New York City. Convenience, am I right? The biggest thing I got from The Dragon appearing, though, is a mention of his lost daughter… I’m thinking that that daughter might end up being Mulan. Everybody in this show is connected in one way or another so it’s not a stretch, especially since Mulan and The Dragon are literally the only Asians in this show (unless you count Jasmine and Aladdin and Jafar, but Indians are only considered Asian because of their geographical location which has nothing to do with this show so they don’t count).

I was a bit under-whelmed by the world behind the mirror, the mirror world. Whatever you want to call it. I was just imagining a dark place covered in a purple fog. I don’t know why, but I didn’t think you’d be able to access the images of what people see in the mirror, any mirror nonetheless. The Evil Queen ends up having The Dragon’s heart (of course) and makes him turn into an actual dragon, who only circles Emma and Regina and blowing fire at them. He doesn’t even try that hard like really. ANYWAY, Henry figured out that The Evil Queen really wasn’t his mother and told Violet that he had to save his moms, which she understood. Henry goes into Regina/The Evil Queen’s tomb/lair/heart-storing place and gets caught by The Evil Queen, who tells him to either smash The Dragon’s heart to save his moms or let them die. Instead, Henry smashes the mirror. This somehow brings Emma and Regina back to Storybrooke and The Dragon is… still stuck in the mirror world? It’s never explained.

The Evil Queen is then hooked by Killian (his only role in this entire episode except for asking where his beloved Emma is) and The Evil Queen disappears. Happy reunion time! Rumple then is met with The Evil Queen. They flirt and have a mini make-out session (Ewwwwwwwwwwww) and The Evil Queen asks for something that I forgot (shame on me, I know!) and Rumple gives it to her. Apparently they’re starting their own story? Rumple asks The Evil Queen to kill Zelena (she tied her heart to his, meaning if he hurts her, he’s hurting himself). The Evil Queen looks a bit betrayed after he says that.

Now, back to Henry and Violet. This moment is from the picture above BTW. I found Henry and Violet’s dynamic in this episode extremely cute and their little dance at the end in Granny’s Diner (where else?) is so sweet, with Emma and Regina looking in, talking about how he’s all grown up. I don’t ship SwanQueen (it’s strange to me) but they were strong in this episode. And I can’t even count how many times everybody said ‘your moms’ in this episode, like they’re an actual couple or something.

Overall, this was a solid episode that had some great moments (most notably Snow and Charming adjusting to their new life apart, and Henry and Violet dancing in Granny’s). I look forward to the next episode, which I believe has much more Killian *crosses fingers* and Rumple. So exciting stuff is coming and I wonder what the mid-season finale will be (something to do with Sean Maguire coming back as Robin Hood I’m guessing since I’ve heard he’s coming back). Or maybe it’ll be Emma dying? *crosses fingers*






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