Doctor Strange REVIEW


I don’t even know how to start with this movie… this movie was magical to say the least. I went to see Doctor Strange Saturday with my sister because I have been anticipating it for half the year, and I am glad to say that the movie didn’t disappoint at all. Everything I was expecting from this movie was delivered brilliantly, and there were even a few surprises as well. This review will be non-spoiler, but I will describe the first half of the movie a bit.


You can check out the trailer here if you’d like:

So if you don’t already know, Doctor Strange is about a brain surgeon who gets in a car accident, which leaves his hands broken and unusable. As you may know, brain surgeons require steady hands with little to no extra movement, or it could lead to the patient’s death. In the beginning of the movie (after the opening scene with the bad guy doing bad guy stuff) Strange and his normal every-day routine (being bossy and arrogant… who does that sound like to you? And basically showing off). He’s working on a patient, and taking a ‘risky’ and seemingly ‘impossible’ move that ends up saving the patient’s life. Tears are shed and cheers are heard because Doctor Strange is a healthy (or unhealthy) combination of one of Cumberbatch’s most famous characters and another vastly rich Marvel character with wickedly wonderful facial hair. You all know who I’m talking about, the resemblance is Stark.

Anyway, after Strange’s hands are injured, he does get these wire implant thingies (I am in no way a doctor so don’t judge me and my inaccuracies and I’m writing this review all on memory) and these wire implants help him move his hands. He is able to move and do normal things with these implants but his hands shake and he won’t be able to perform brain surgery ever again. He then researches everything that could possibly fix his hands, yet people aren’t willing to invest their money and time on him, saying it’s impossible to heal him completely. His physical therapist tells Strange that he once had a patient who was paralyzed from the waist down, yet now walks perfectly fine. Being the curious and driven man he is, Strange seeks out this patient to see how he did it.

Strange discovers that this man who mysteriously cured himself – just by his own will to heal – visited this place in the Himalayas and got treated by ‘The Ancient One’. Stephen Strange uses the last of his money (he spent it all on possible cures and breakthroughs for his hands) on the trip to the Himalayas, where he finds The Ancient One, a woman with a shaved head. There was a lot of controversy over the casting of Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One (who’s originally an old asian guy) but I think she played the part well. He makes a few sassy remarks and doesn’t believe them when they tell him about magic. After The Ancient One shows Strange the magic that she can perform, he tells her to teach him, which, of course, gets him thrown out of the joint.

He then stands at the doorstep of the temple (is that what it’s called?) knocking on the door and begging them to let him in. It’s pretty pathetic, but shows how driven he is as a character. They eventually let him in and gives him a room to stay in, where the Wi-Fi password is given to him (“We’re not savages!”). From hereon out, Strange trains in the art of magic and becomes better at it. During all of this, the bad guy (played by Hannibal‘s Mads Mikkaelson, hope I spelled that right) is becoming stronger and stronger.

I’m not going to describe the rest of the movie, because this is a review, not a recap and I can’t remember everything exactly so now I’ll just talk about the pros and cons of this movie. I promise no spoilers ahead.


So that was my review of Doctor Strange. I’ve also heard that Cumberbatch is set to be in the next Thor movie coming out next year, and the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movies. If your curious about the people who are set to star in the upcoming Avengers movie, check out my list below and their status! And feel free to fangirl along with me in the comments because you have no freaking idea how excited I am for this!



What are your thoughts? Have you seen the movie? Are you planning on seeing it or any future Marvel movies? Let me know in the comments below!



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