Creatures of the Night Book Tag

Yesterday was Halloween, and I am so sorry I haven’t posted anything in around 5 days… I’ve been really busy! Anyway, here’s a tag that is a bit Halloween-y for y’all! This tag was originally on my Weebly blog so it’s not anything new, but it may be new for some of you guys so yeah.

Okie dokie. Time to do another tag! I originally saw this tag on Twin Reads, a wonderful blog created by two twin sisters. Go check it out! They’re amazing! The tag itself, however, was created by Katytastic, who has a great YouTube channel, so go check it out. All of my choices are books that I have either read or books that I own. I will be doing the original version of the tag, so let’s get going!

1. Vampire


I think I’m always going to use Dracula as my vampire book, just because it was the vampire book, and still is. Dracula is awesome and nobody can ever tell me otherwise. Though I try and use a Vampire Diaries gif as often as I can.

2. Werewolf



Okay, so technically there are no werewolves in Scarlet, but there are genetically engineered humans that are given enhanced wolf-like abilities and their appearances have been altered in order to make them look more wolf-like. I think that’s close enough, right?

3. Zombie


thewalkingdeadWhat else could I choose aside from The Walking Dead? It just wouldn’t feel right if I had chosen something else, plus there is no other book that I either own or have read that have zombies in it.

4. Ghost


ruinedI haven’t read Ruined yet, but I bought it a long time ago at a school book fair, for a reason I cannot remember. I may read it some day, and I may not read it some day. Anyway, there is a ghost on the cover and I own it, so this abides by my rules.

5. Witch, Warlock, or Wizard


beautifulcreaturesgarciastohlIn Beautiful Creatures, they’re technically Casters, but that is the same thing as a witch, so I’m going to count it.

6. Fairy/Fae


city_of_bonesOkay, so The Mortal Instruments has faeries, and I think that is the only book I have ever read with fairies of any sort, so I chose that one as my choice. And, of course, I chose another Supernatural gif to go along with it.

7. Demon



Darkness Brutal is the only book I own aside from The Mortal Instruments series that has demons in it. I haven’t read it yet, but it sounds interesting and I know I will read it some time in the future.

8. Angel



The only book that is sorely considered an angel book that I’ve read is Hush, Hush. I enjoyed it, and I think Patch would say the above gif, which is why I used it (and cause it is hilarious).

9. Alien


thefifthwaveThis one is pretty obvious, I mean The 5th Wave is about an alien invasion. I could’ve easily done The Lunar Chronicles or something of that sort, but I already have Scarlet on this list, so I decided not to.

10. Super-Powered Humans


red_queenAs much as I dislike Red Queen, it is the only book I could think of that has super-powered humans.

That’s it. I hope y’all enjoyed this post, and if you decide to do this tag, just leave a link to your post in the comments and I will check it out! I hope you all had a wonderfully chilling Halloween! If you did anything interesting I would love to know if you watched horror movies, or if you dressed up.


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