Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Book/Movie Review










I enjoyed this book overall. I read the entire Maze Runner series quicker than I have read any other series (Except maybe The Selection). These are pretty short books, but they are filled with action worthy of the big screen. The first maze runner movie was almost perfect when you compare it to the book. Of course, they made changes, but none that bothered me to an extent that made it unbearable to watch. I didn’t enjoy The Scorch Trials book as much as the first one, but I still liked the new characters and landscape added. The cranks creeped me out every time they were present and they added another dimension of strange, which I enjoyed. Thomas, Newt, and Minho stand out as the new golden trio in this sequel. They lean on each other and will never leave the other behind. They will sacrifice their lives in order to save each other. That is true friendship. The landscape they were brought into–the scorch–is a terrifying place that is filled with more high-stakes and more survival skills are needed than the arena in The Hunger Games. This book brought all new levels of awesome.

Now to the movie review! I enjoyed this movie and the action was better than most action movies, which surprised me considering the fact it’s based off a young adult book. Dylan O’Brien was brilliant as Thomas once again. He embodies the character so well. Like whenever Thomas runs from, for example, a crank, he is scared out of his mind exactly like I pictured Thomas whenever I read the books. Thomas Brodie-Sangster was once again perfect as Newt (my favorite character BTW), but I wish he had more screen-time. Ki Hong Lee brought Minho to another level of ninja (that kick-attack was wicked, pun intended). Aidan Gillen is exactly how I pictured rat man, but you know them as Jansen. What I had problems with was that they escaped WICKED, rather than just being let go like in the books. I never liked Teresa, both in the books and the movies, and a big reason I liked the books is the lack of Teresa in this book, but they gave her a lot of screen time. And in the books, the main difference between cranks and zombies, are that cranks aren’t dead, and they’re able to talk. In the movie they looked and acted more like zombies would. The last thing that bothered me was the casting choice for Brenda, because she didn’t look at all like I pictured her.


3 thoughts on “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Book/Movie Review

  1. I loved this book and hated the movie. I still haven’t finished the movie because of what they did to it. 😂 I’m glad you liked it though. I thought The Scorch Trials was the best book of the series. Have you read Dashner’s Eye of Minds trilogy? I started the first book months ago.

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