The Flash: Season 2, Episode 23- The Race of His Life REVIEW


This is my first ever review of a TV episode, so my structure will be a bit all over the place. Plus, I binge-watched the last few episodes of this season in a row so they may blend together a bit to form this review. I apologize if some of my facts are wrong.
I haven’t seen the entire second or first season of The Flash, since my parents like watching without me, but I know, thanks to the previously at the beginning of every episode, what happens. A lot has happened this season, including Cisco realizing he has these powers where he can see the future, which he calls ‘vibes’, thus giving himself the nickname Vibe. Zoom is the villain this season, and everybody is scratching their head trying to figure out just who is behind the mask until there is just a few episodes left. Barry loses his speed, giving it to Zoom to save Wally’s life. Wally is Iris’s brother, and their mom dies (from cancer I think). One of my favorite parts of this season was seeing Earth 2 and all of the doppelgangers from the other Earth. My only problem with that is since each Earth has had different events and people have made different choices with varied outcomes, the characters that we know from Earth 1 are mirrored in Earth 2 (and all other Earths as well, I would guess). But they’re called doppelgangers for a reason, so I’ve let it slide.
Now onto this episode. A lot happened in this episode and I loved this finale. It felt like a finale and your left biting your nails in anticipation towards the end, just like a finale should be. I have yet to seen the Arrow season 4 finale, but I’ve heard disappointing things about it. Good thing that The Flash didn’t disappoint like it’s older counterpart.
In the episode before the season finale, episode 22, Henry Allen died right where Barry’s mom died a dozen or so years prior, at the hands of Zoom. Barry became frustrated and emotional and that is explored even more in the finale. Barry is broken and desperate and wants to kill Zoom. Team Flash won’t let him do that, though, so they lock him up in their little meta-human cell. At first I didn’t agree with them, but by the end of the episode, I wish they had locked him back up, because he does something so very stupid. I will explore that later in the review, though.
I enjoyed the final battle between Flash and Zoom, the graphics were amazing as always and the suspense was intense and I broke a sweat just watching it. The acting was great in this episode, so were the visuals, and the science made my brain hurt (time-travel, alternate dimensions, etc.)
Do not read on if you haven’t seen the season finale! This is your only warning.
When the ending came and Barry went back in time, heartbroken and torn since his dad died and since the real Jay from Earth 2 appeared (and looked exactly like his dad!), I was so frustrated with him and the sole reason why I wasn’t screaming at the TV telling Barry not to do it was because I was watching this with my family. I mean has he learned NOTHING about time-travel and the consequences of changing the past? I know that he is still broken-up about his mom’s death (even though she died when he was a kid), but he should know better than to save her life, which alters EVERYTHING in the future (or, well, present day). Not only that, but I thought he had dealt with his mother’s death in The Runaway Dinosaur, so him being all emotional and running back to save her life baffles me and leaves me angry. It’s not like I want her dead, but his entire life is how it is because she died. In the next season, everything will be different. Barry may not even know any of his Team Flash friends now since he saved his mom’s life. And, will his dad be alive too? Will he even be The Flash anymore? This season finale left the viewers with a lot of unanswered questions.
I read an article online about what should be in The Flash season 3 and one of the things was Wally West turning into Kid Flash, a character from the comics who takes the reins from Barry when he dies. But since it’s unlikely Barry is going to die anytime soon (it is his show after all), then Kid Flash could end up just working alongside him or maybe since Barry has altered the present-day by saving his mom, he could possibly have never become the flash, but Wally did instead.
Now that Harry and his daughter Jesse and the real Jay (also the real Earth 2 Flash and Barry’s father’s doppelganger) have gone to Earth 2, and Jessie got blasted or whatever by the new particle accelerator, so I think she will become a new Earth 2 Flash that fake-Jay never was. And since real Jay is Earth 3 Flash, we should visit that Earth as well. I think season 3 will bring a lot more surprises such as more doppelgangers (The Vampire Diaries much?)
I just looked up Jesse on and apparently she is part of the Flash Family, a group of flashes that have taken up the red suit. Wally was one of them, and Jesse Chambers is a character in the comics (same first name, can’t be a coincidence), so it’s possible she will become the alias Jesse Quick from the comics and acquire her own suit and mask and speed her way through dimensions. Here is a quick excerpt that I found that connects Wally and Jesse:
“Wally West and Max Mercury brought in Jesse to help teach Bart Allen the ways of the super-speed. Wally, realizing that he may not come back from the Speed Force, asked Jesse to take on the mantle of the Flash in the event of that happening. ”
I think that this will be explored in the upcoming season, if not in seasons 3 and 4 (cause we all know it’ll get renewed again).
We need more Team Arrow Earth 2 doppelgangers. We already got Black Siren, a Laurel Lance doppelganger who is a meta human from Earth 2 (and an ally with Zoom), so what’s keeping them from adding a Roy Harper 2.0 or even an Oliver Queen while they’re at it? I don’t know about you, but I would love to see that! As long as they stop bringing back people from the dead cause that idea should’ve died and decomposed by now.
No matter how stupid Barry was in this episode, it was still a solid finale and I enjoyed it immensely, and it makes me very anxious for season 3 to come around. Let me know what you thought in the comments below.


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